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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Fruit

In hind sight, it was silly... seeing how long we'd wait for our first tomatoes to turn red.  Eventually they went from green to light green then to yellow and if I squinted in just the right light they seemed like they may just be finally turning a little orange... kinda.  This pot was planted from seed and to be truthful, one tomato seed looks quite like the next to me.  A week passed and eventually I had a light-bulb moment realizing that it was never going to turn red.  I was a yellow tomato!
Oh... not much gets by me!
As Sunny said, not the sharpest bulb in the box.
Maybe it's genetic.
Thank goodness, Jude has been saved from this DNA.
Being the most enthusiastic about tomatoes, Jude got the honors.  Just the other night he was eager to follow up his desert of Halloween candy with tomato wedges.

First we take the stem off, wash, and then slice.  Because two bites are better than one, right?
Then gobble down!
 See, he really does love tomatoes!
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  1. Lovely tomato! It has been a few years since we succeeded at producing tomatoes, but one year we had fresh ripe tomato every day. It was lovely. We learned all kinds of new recipes and gave them away. Maybe next year we'll be successful again.


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