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Friday, November 26, 2010

birthday cake and pumpkin pie

This baby girl was born on Thanksgiving Day, just after midnight.
Before the days of requiring new mamas to stay in the hospital at least 24 hours, we begged the hospital staff and even bribed them with doughnuts, and were discharged from the hospital by noon, in time to get home for our Thanksgiving celebration and a house full of family.
I spent that Thanksgiving Day in a big ol' easy chair by the front door, a brand new mama, nestling with my newborn, greeting my extended family as they came through, every woman with a contribution to the feast.
My mom brought the turkey and the dressing.
My mother-in-law brought the candied yams and the green bean casserole.
My aunt brought the pumpkin pie.
The only thing I brought was my brand new 7lb 9oz daughter.
17 years later, we again celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving day with much family and a turkey and pumpkin pie.
This child made me a mother.
Any my world was never the same again.


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  2. Beautiful, the child and the photograher. How did this happen where has the time gone?

  3. I love how you honor your sweet children! Your Heart is so beautiful!


  4. Your big girls give me hope. They are so lovely. So strong. I want my daughter to be like them. And to sit still and be gorgeous so I can take pics like yours let you.

  5. I just read your post on We Are Grafted In..home from church with a sick baby...and what comfort and joy it brought to me. Staying home from church with a sick little one will probably be one of the things I will miss. I loved the whole grocer store story. My girls are three months apart and many is the "quick" trip to the store with one in each arm!!

    Thank you for this encouragement! Now, off to love on my little one, while she is still little!! :)


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