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Monday, November 22, 2010

100mm macro

My photo tip of the day---rental!

It's a good thing for the parsimonious photographer.  
At first, I decided to rent a lens 'cause there's simply no money for luxury items, no matter how much I want it!
So I did a little research, and we went to our local camera shop and rented a lens.  
A 100mm macro to be specific.  
How much you ask?  (audience participation is required)
Hang on to your hats now...
$18!  We rented it on Saturday and the camera shop is closed on Sunday.  So it was due back on Monday evening at 6pm.  With Crazy Mama math, that's 3 fun filled days playing with this awesome lens for only $18!
So for these rock bottom prices, I'm now thinking I may want to try out several different lenson several occasions, to make sure I really know what lens I want before I spend all that money! 
Did I spark your interest?  
I'd try my local camera shop first, but if you don't live in a big city where there was a good camera shop available, there are many photo equipment rental sites online, but you'll have to pay shipping charges.  If I didn't live in a place where a good camera shop is available, I'd look into that.  Here are some places that I ran across herehere, and here.

Here're some things that I learned about the 100mm marco in those 3 days.  
  • Bokeh baby!  Bokeh is the photography term for the "blur" or out of focus areas in the photograph, when them main subject of the picture is in clear focus.  I have never achieved bokeh like this before!  It was amazing how the backgrounds were so altered and gorgeous!
  • The depth of field can be SO short that I needed to increase my apertures to increase the depth of field.  But by making the aperture bigger, and thus the hole for the light to pass through smaller, often I didn't have enough light to take the picture.  I totally understand the need for a "ring flash" and would look into investing in one if I really wanted to get serious about macro photography.  
  • Keeping your camera still, when zoomed in so close can get tricky!  A small tripod and remote shutter release, although not necessary, are quite handy for macro photography.  Again, I would look into investing in these if I really wanted to get serious about macro photography.  
  • There was so much subject matter just around my home that I had never been able to capture.  Often times, I find I want to go on a road trip just to get some new inspiration.  But with the macro lens, all the inspiration and new possibilities were literally in my own back yard.
  • It's totally possible to use this lens as a portrait lens too!  But, it surely wouldn't be my fist choice as others have suggested.  I much prefer my 85mm or 50mm prime lenses for portraits.  Here is a shot I took of Liv.  And one she took of me.  Both were shot with the 100mm.  Not bad.
I'd love to play around with this lens again, but long term, there are a few items that I'd want to also purchase if I ever had one permanently.  Items like a small tripod and a ring flash.  It was a LOT of fun, and I'll definitely try out the 100mm macro again!
Or maybe something else first?
Just wanted to pass it on!

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  1. I am in awe of the beauty you are able to capture in photos. Praying today was a yellow day!


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