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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tips-n-Tricks {kitchen basket}

Running a household of 8 people is crazy busy with a lot of things to keep track of.  No Duh!   So if you've been reading the ramblings of this crazy mama for a while, you'll know that I'm all about making the house run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  Then if I pile all the little saved minutes together, then there's a chance I'll find the time to
A) read a book that doesn't have pictures in it
B) find an outfit that is stain free
C) stare absent mindedly into nothingness
D) get a pedicure
OK, that last one is just plain crazy talk!  Don't know what I was thinking!

So here's another little crazy thing that makes life just a little bit easier.

The kitchen basket-
It's not pretty.  It could be pretty, but it's not.  In it is anything used daily by the younger & medium kiddos that a mom should monitor.  Usage of these items in the bathroom will not be inspected like they need to be.  So I have them out front and center, right on the kitchen counter, near the kitchen sink, where I will see these things get done.  They are also up and out of the way for the littlest kiddos not to be tempted to get into them.  Some items stay in there permanently and others come and go with need.

Our kitchen basket started with just the younger children's tooth brushes and tooth paste.  It was born out of a need for me to help brush the little kiddo's teeth and not finding the opportunity to run back to their bathroom to do it.  Several months of Are you sure you brushed reaaallllllly well?  and a nightmare of a dentist appointment with 6 cavities later, the kitchen basket was born.  Supplies are all right where I spend most of my time, in the kitchen.  And the kiddos brush their teeth right in the kitchen sink where I can monitor how long and how well they did it and follow up every once in a while with a quick brushing of their teeth myself.  It also makes it so convenient for me to throw the tooth brushes in the dishwasher every couple weeks to disinfect them.

But also added to this basket is anything that we use daily.

Sunblock.  All 4 of my older kiddos put on sunblock daily since melanoma runs in my family.  The boys use a pretty good sunblock since they are outside much more of the time.  (PS - this is the BEST sunblock out there for any of you fellow crazy sunblock groupies like myself.  It is called Blue Lizard.  What makes it so good is the Zinc.  Sunblock with zinc is THE BEST.  Blue Lizard also goes by Australia sunblock standards which have far higher stands than the US sunblock guidelines.  When you try it, you feel the difference.  It is more expensive.  If you're serious about skin cancer, you won't regret it.)  PS-Blue Lizard if you hear me out there is cyber land... that was a free plug.  Keeping the kiddos lathered up is expensive.  Could you offer me a perk?

Tooth paste - Patch has a reaction to regular tooth paste (sodium laural sulfate) that leaves him with constant cancer soars in his mouth.  Thus he has his own stupidly expensive special tooth paste.

Flossers-They're suppose to be in there, but I'm out right now.

Hydrogen peroxide- Livy has been having some trouble remembering to clean her newly pierced ears.  My daily reminders have hopefully gotten her in a better habit.  So this item will be leaving soon.

Athlete's foot spray - Jude has reoccurring athlete's foot likely due to the fact that he still wears his brace/boots 12 hours a day.  Patch has reoccurring athlete's foot because he's an insanely active boy who doesn't like to wear socks.  And his feet stink to high heaven!

Deodorant - This is a very recent audition to the kitchen basket.  It's chocolate scented deodorant.  Go ahead and laugh with me now.  It's ok.  I'm laughing too!   I don't care what scent it is as long as Patch wears it.

Also added are any meds that a kiddo might be taking.  

Our kitchen basket is really just a small little thing, but it really makes a huge difference in how smoothly our morning and evening routine goes.  These things get done, more regularly, and more efficiently now.
And we haven't had a single cavity since!

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  1. You're awesome. Yeah, we had to add deodorant recently to Gene's bathroom drawer. He was embarrassed at first and thought he didn't need it. We had to keep explaining, " Trust us. You don't want to be the smelly kid in class." Hehehehe


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