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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {18 lb of pears}

I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong era.  1950's would have suited my style of homemaker better.  A time when women wore full skirts with petticoats and pearls as they cooked.  Drank a 5 o'clock martini when their husband came home, took a little Prozac to take the edge off, severed their man a scotch on the rocks when he came in the door, and smoke like a chimney through it all.
OK, maybe not all that, but I think I'll definitely look into wearing pearls more often!
I certainly appreciate an era when women sewed and cooked regularly, gathered for quilting bees, carried knitting needles and a ball of yarn in their bag, and canned up a storm in the harvest months.
And seeing as how we are in the heart of the harvest season, I found pears on sale, 3 lb for $1.  This weekend I gathered the big girls to make pear-plumb jam.  After peeling 65 pounds of apples earlier this week to put up apple sauce, I certainly thought recruiting help for the jam project would be appropriate.  Papa even dropped in for a while and peeled a bit.  That's the best man ever I tell you!  I wonder if Ward ever did that for June?
The babes got into the mix to make a huge sticky mess even bigger and insist on using tools with sharp, digit-amputating, blades that are very inappropriate for toddlers to use, like vegetable peelers and knives help.
Sunny, my non-domestic daughter, started helping by asking why we don't just buy jam at the store.  Silly teenager.  After a lengthy lesson on the almost forgotten lessons of our grandmothers, she was designated "head peeler."  Silly Sunny questioning maternal authority!
She ultimately discovered that the actual canning process was her favorite part.
In the end, the jam didn't "set up" the way we'd planned.  Where's my Nana when I need her?!  But we do have approximately 25 pints of the most delicious nectar, ready to pour over top pancakes or waffles or ice cream.

Or simply eat with a spoon.

With pearls of course.

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Do you ship?
    Seriously, the metal medallions over your stove are gorgeous. But girl, you need an apple peeler/corer. I've never tried one with pears, but they look firm enough to work and save you many hours of hand peeling. Or, just call in the child labor =).

  2. Laura- That's too funny you brought up the peeler. We broke it earlier this week when we did the 65 lbs of apples! And the child laborers never knew the difference!
    Thx re the kitchen compliment! I lOVE my kitchen too!

  3. My mother was so far from the 50's image you portray here.... but she was a farm wife and mother of 5. I haven't canned as an adult.....didn't like standing in pear syrup. Great photos of a family project! I'll bet the fragrance was heavenly!


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