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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin patch with Grammy, Grandpapa, and Junebug

Let's start with a warning...
This can't really be necessary, can it?
 Don't let this angelic face fool you.  A melt down of momentous proportion will occur before the trip is done.
 Grammy and Sunny posing for pictures.  Isn't it kinda funny when your kiddos get taller than you?
 This is Junebug, my brother's daughter, and my extremely cute niece!  She has the bluest eyes and fairest skin ever.  She's about a year older than the babes, and it was such fun to visit with her.  She especially liked hanging out with Boo.
My father doing his best Teddy Roosevelt impersonation.  Ok, he actually always looks like this all the time.  
And also the reason that I have an instant fondness for any man with a handlebar mustache.  
Gotta have a hay ride!
I loved this pumpkin patch because it was actually a real pumpkin patch!  Pumpkins still on the vine right there for the picking!
Then the melt down happened.  In all fairness, she was without a nap and was hot and sticky and tired.  She looks kinda like she's gonna attack the first person she encounters.  Oh wait, that was me, and she did!
But first I took a picture of her right there in the pumpkin field.  It was a screaming thrashing snotty mess for about 10 minutes.  
But we were finally able to distract her with the pumpkins.  Again, she looks like an angel!

Enter pumpkin patches at your own risk of injury or...


  1. So was this place horribly expensive, you pay to get in, pay for everything there, then the pumpkins are pricey? Or was it reasonable? Would love to take our kiddos for a day trip :o)Pumpkin patches are always fun, but the realistic ones are hard to come by these days!

  2. Auntie S- $10 covered admission and all activities, (petting zoo, hay ride, corn maze, train ride...) The pumpkins the boys picked were about $7 each. Freeman farm in Chino Valley. Very small. Very perfect for us.

  3. Awww, thanks for sharing. I feel like you did that just for me! lol


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