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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Demeter lends a helping hand {part II}

Then the dirt movers offered assistance.

We prepare the soil and dig the hole...
 Pull the flowers from their pots...
...and put them in the hole...
 ...and push the dirt back in...
 ...and admire the flowers...
 ...and give our brother a turn...
 ...and watch the big boys play in the middle of the street, 'cause their boys after all, and it's a nice flat surface, so why wouldn't they just stop right in the middle of the road.  Not to mention that that one kid doesn't even have on any shoes!  And no supervision in sight!
Someone should really go tell their mother!
 Jude takes his turn putting the flowers in...
 ...but Tess can't resist moving dirt.  I think that's a 3 year old thing, right?  Moving dirt, any dirt of any kind in any place, is just irresistible when your 3 years old.
 Then Liv helps the babes water.
 Gotta remember, I'm a country gal stuck in the city, so drinking out of the hose is second nature.
 Pink chipped polish and dirt under the nails.   Does it get any better than that?
It's the stuff ordinary miracles are made of!


  1. I don't know which is the most incredible...the photographs of the hose water, those eyelashes, or the color of those lips! All three took my breath away.

  2. I so LOVE these photos! What treasures and what an amazing eye you've been given. I always want my pictures to look like this, but I am handicapped in equipment and vision....Thank you for sharing.
    ps. I am one who apologizes with you - we are experience the most glorious weather. The house is open everyday and the flowers are blooming as the leaves are beginning to fall. This is my absolute favorite time of the year in Texas!

  3. O.k. I just have to jump in and say...after this 3rd part post....seeing all that beautiful weather......getting very hard not to be a tad resentfull (-:


  4. I see, I know your're showing off now that you have nice weather and things that are green, pretty, and alive outdoors now. I have a yard covered in leaves. And my fingers and toes are so cold as I'm typing this. It's okay though. That last picture makes up for it all. ; )


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