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Monday, October 25, 2010

Demeter lends a helping hand {part I}

I'm sorry.
I've said it this same time every year since I started blogging. 
I'm sorry.
I'm really am.  But it is what it is. And it just has to be this way.  
I mean I didn't plan for it to be this way.  I didn't plan for you to live in 6 months of freezing ice and sleet and snow.  I live in the desert where yes, we do have to hibernate for several months, but none of our hibernation involves gloves, slipping on ice, or scraping windows!

We now enter the time of year when we desert dwellers come out of our dens.  For months now, we've been confined to our homes.  Finally, after about 4 months of heat-induced isolation, the cooler weather has come to the desert, and the desert rats are emerging, giddy and ready for outside activities.  

So I'm so sorry to the residents of New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, or (help me now) Wisconsin or Minnesota!  My consolation to y'all who are about to uncover your snow shovels and see if those moon boots still fit your kiddos.  Now is the time the desert rats get to flaunt green grass, flowers, bare tootsies, shorts and sunshine!  

Again, I'm sorry, but it's just the way things are!  

I submit to you exhibit A-The planting season.  Now is the time we sow little seeds, and baby plants in the soil and watch them sprout and blossom. 
Tomatoes.  We actually have about 4 different varieties growing.
The sweet basil is gonna be a bumper crop!
2 varieties of Thai Basil for all those Viet recipes
Mojito mint
I got 'em all planted early this year.  I'll just have to be sure to cover them during the 3-4 frost/freeze night that we'll have over the winter.  And the babes just love getting out to water each day.
Oooooooo, it's gonna be a good growing season!

Coming next--Part II where the babes find it necessary to play in the mud and move dirt around help


  1. We live in Florida, and we're wearing shorts today, so I totally understand where you're coming from, except for the whole planting thing because I'm so not "gardening inclined."

  2. KT and I love T's dress! I don't think K out grew that until she was 5 or 6! Looks Like T will get to wear at least another year too... I am loving the flowers around here too. My mom and I "share" flowers, I take the pots up when it gets 100 here for her to enjoy, then as it starts to freeze she brings them all back down(saves us a ton of money each year!). She just brought them all down last weekend, along with some new herbs-yipee. What can we use the herbs for in canning????? hmmm..... Did you grow pumpkins or butter-Ha Ha...

  3. I will accept your apology ONLY because we're having a gorgeous 75 degree "Indian Summer" day out here in Connecticut today. Your post would have really packed an unfortgivable punch were it in late February, at which point I generally have HAD IT with winter. That's okay, I'll get you back with some frolicking in the snow pictures soon enough!

  4. You've given me the gift of 3 comments in only a few days! Thanks! I am finding a more healthy balance now, but I still love comments!

    We are looking at two, but I think more probably one at a time, though that makes the finances even scarier. However, I am much better at turning to God when it comes to finances than when I'm all stressed out in the middle of poopy diapers and screaming kids. All things are possible with God, but if He is planning to call us to bring home two children at once, I think He has a lot more equipping to do! Really I don't see any reason to bring them both home at once except for finances, so there is no hurry--if He can provide the travel expenses this time, why not a second time? Looking at special focus our current dossier in for NSN needs won't work anyway, so we'd have to do second paperwork anyway. We can love, go get one, adjust, love, start paperwork again, love, go again, adjust, etc. Unfortunately there will still be orphans even if it takes us 3 years to adjust to our 4th child. So we aren't in a hurry as much as putting it back on the table which it came off of when Sunflower was born.

    Thanks for the comments! Go, Go, Go--I knew there was something about Tess that reminded me of my daughter!

  5. I accept your apology, but only because today was a hot and muggy 72 degrees in our neck of the woods. But if I had read this last February, during our 50+ inch series of snowstorms, I might have felt like a prickly cactus. *grin* (Always love your photos.)

  6. Tonggu mama
    72 isn't hot! That's just silly! 117! Now that's hot!
    I also have NO clue what this "muggy" is that you refer to. it's lost on me.
    Crazy mama

  7. So I WAS right! I commented on the post before this and now the truth comes out! Hmmmpphhh... ; )


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