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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jude's Roll Call

My boy seems to be obsessing about our family members lately.  We've been calling it his roll call.  I guess he's just at a stage in his attachment, that he just has to check to be sure.
Check to be sure he has a family?
Check to be sure he's still one of many?
A need to secure his heart, I guess.  And he does it quite frequently, several times a day, especially first thing in the morning, just as he wakes up from his nap, and as he's being tucked into bed each night.

He's starts very concerned.

Where's Papa?  At his office working.
Where's Boo?  At school.
Where's Patch?  He's also at school.
Then he might have to pause a moment to think because big families can be like that.  They require some additional purposeful thought lest we forget someone.  Lest we leave someone behind at the grocery store.  Or in a crowded restaurant after church one Sunday, only to get 5 miles down the road and have a younger child tell you a seat is empty in an otherwise packed SUV.  Not that I would know anything about things like that.  I'm just sayin'!
Where's sissy?  (He calls Liv sissy.)  At school, Jude.
Think think think...
Where's Sunny?  She's at school too.
Where's Tess?  Eating lunch.
With all this thinking going on, there's practically smoke pouring from his ears.  
Often, but not always, he includes our dogs in his roll call.
Where's Hawkeye?  In the back yard.
Where's Spit?  Laying by the couch.
He also has several special people he thinks about, and sometimes he will inquire about them too during his roll call.
Where's Granna?  She's at her cabin.
Where's Jake?  Probably in his dorm.
But it usually ends the same.  Having secured his heart, he gets this sneaky little smirk on his face, looks me dead in the eye, knowing the answer even before he says it and asks...
Where's Jude's mama?  I'm right here silly!
But he has to ask it again, cause it's just too too fun...
Where's Jude's mama?  I right here lovin' on my Jude!
And the crazy mama goes in for some sugar!
So he's gone to calling me, Jude's mama.

Not mommy.
Not mama.
Not mom.
Jude's mama.  Like it's all one word.
Good night Jude's mama, he tells me as I kiss him goodnight.
Jude's mama going in car?  He asks me, making sure I'm coming along on an errand.
I give him a cup of milk, and he looks at me and says, Thank you, Jude's mama.
Jude's mama kiss please?  How could I deny THAT!

and her?
He now calls her My Tessy.  Complete with that ee on the end and the my in the beginning.
Where's my Tessy?  He asks.
Someone toss me the tissue box!

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better and my heart couldn't get even one tiny bit happier... did!


  1. I feel so special to make it into Jude's roll call

  2. He may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen! And what an honor that you ARE Jude'sMama!

  3. He is adorable, with the most beautiful big brown eyes. My daughter asked the same questions, and when we're all together she'll say "my family", it's so special.

    You have a gorgeous family

  4. Goodness. How COULD you deny that?!?
    What a sweet pea... with a VERY sweet heart :)
    Happy Sunday!

  5. What a sweet post. Our Maggie asks a lot where her brothers are and she always wants to go back to Maggie's house when we are out!

  6. So sweet!! Lizzie does the roll call thing too. It melts my heart and breaks it all at the same time!

  7. That was just precious!! Beautiful children!

  8. That is so adorable. I love little things like that. It is one of those treasures that you'll enjoy reading years down the road and saying 'remember that'? Too cute.

  9. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E

    reminds me of what Gemma calls her 2 big brothers... "My boys!"


  10. I must say that I could devour those cheeks! Love how these little ones keep track of their people. :o)

  11. Thank you. Thank you for sharing this little piece of sweetness! It touched my little heart(emphasis on little at the moment - although I thinks it's swelling!)

  12. Could he be any more precious?? And have I told you that Jude is the name I will use if I am referred a boy? That was going to be my 19 year old daughter's name...had SHE been a HE ;) Love the name!

  13. Okay, I've always had a "thing" for Asian men. If only I were 40 years younger, or he 40 years older! So, so, sooooooo cute!

  14. I love it, beautiful pictures of your boy and what a blessed mama you are to be "Jude's Mama!"


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