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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Naughty Monkey!

So I came around the corner and found this-
At first she wouldn't even make eye contact with me!  She just was catatonic... being caught and all!  1 piggie in and 1 piggie out.
And I know it's wrong, but it was really funny!  Her sneaking off and all, caught literally with her hands in the Nutella jar!  I know I should have been like, Tess, we don't eat Nutella straight out of the jar with our hands!  It doesn't matter what you saw Mama doing, you must use a spoon!  But like I said, it was just so funny, so instead I was all like, You go sister girl friend, dig in, hands first and grab your self some chocolate goodness.  I've had that kind of day too!
Cause really, you ever had one of those days, when you just wanted to steal away and dive in head first into the Nutella and put yourself in a sugary coma just to escape it all?!
And Jude, being of the Y-chromosome variety, looked at her with panic in his eyes.  Not because she had been naughty, but rather because of the mess of it all.  Sticky hands, gooey face and a very messy shirt.  He actually started to cry on her behalf.   Ya, we're pretty sure he's gonna be one of those dry cleaning, hanger spacing, car dusting, book alphabetizing, hair product using, anal retentive, control freak males.
Ya, I been there!  We women learn the powers of chocolate early I guess!


  1. Reminds me of my favorite scene in Baby Mama:

    "Is that chocolate or poop? Is that chocolate or poop?"

    *Mom tastes brown fudgy mess*


  2. I had wondered when I saw one of these pictures earlier if you had let it happen just for the cool photo-op. I wasn't sure I'd be so brave. However, now I have my answer. Great pictures by the way!

  3. We Nutella around her too !! I call it "chocolate crack " ha ha. So glad you got pictures of her all messy, she is just so cute.

  4. Cedar-you mean someone actually looks at those pics over there? I never knew! I did haul her outside for the pics, but it surely wasn't planned. Still haven't gotten the stains out!

  5. I love looking at your pictures. Especially of Tess. I think I fell in love with her the first time I "met" her on the We Are Grafted In post. To me she reminds me of my two year old, and when I think of all the things she went through and how far she has come in your care and loving family, I ache to travel to China for my daughter and start the healing process.

  6. Thanks for making my day...Yes..we adults only wish we do what she did and everyone think we are so stinkin cute. He smile was priceless!

  7. oh my goodness. that first shot of her smiling is PRICELESS. Nutella is lovely stuff. Good girl Tessy.

  8. Next time she digs in-call me, Auntie S will join her. I saw these on Flickr and just giggled out loud-I LOVE IT!!! I love those mommy moments when you should teach them a lesson, but they teach you a lesson in enjoying life and letting some of it go :o) Kids are so great!

  9. What a little stinker! I'm a little panicked about that white shirt she was wearing. Did it come clean?

  10. I must say, I love this post... and the pictures from her deer in the headlights I got caught to they ain't life grand with Nutella smile.. and umm.. speaking of Nutella... I think I could dive right in there with Tess some days! My other recent favorite is Biscoff.. of course it's not chocolaty, but it is also nummy, and when paired with Nutella.. well, let's just say comfort food has reached a new level!


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