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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My new favorite photographer...

Long while back, I posted a suggestion to you wanna be photo enthusiasts to find your favorite photographers and stalk them.  They won't mind.  It's really all just a form of flattery anyway!

Well maybe just find their blog and stalk that!  Following photographers in this way has helped me define what I like, inspire me to create and provides me with lots of eye candy!

I have about 5 photographers I stalk follow.  Lately and unknowingly, I stumbled in to one that is right here in my back yard.  Litterally I watched followed her blog for more than a month before I figured out that she's right here and Scottsdale and shoots all over the valley.  Super Sleuth I am not!

Sandi Bradshaw does a lot of fun urban fashion stuff.  Think vibrant colors and fun-loving people and even some grunge thrown in!  I love the images she creates with high school seniors!  But her family portraits are to die for too.

And guess who's gonna to be in front of her lens?  My Sunny!  She was looking for some teens to do a mentor shoot, I emailed her on a whim, and off my Sunny goes!

Can't wait to see the images she creates of my baby!  Not sure if I'll be allowed to post them, but I certainly will if I can!

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  1. Since you asked! - or not...
    My neice is a 14 yo budding photographer. She got a new SLR for her birthday and has been taking some great pictures of her friends and family. You can see some of her work here:
    She and I together found another beautiful photographer that you may know about:
    We really enjoyed looking at her pics.
    I also enjoyed looking at Sandi's pictures. I especially liked the unconventiality of the family pic's. All this together has got me gettin a real big itch to pick up a good camera and shoot!


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