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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hypothetically speaking...

Let's just speak hypothetically...

Should one be concerned at all if one discovers that the Department of Homeland Security, from Washington D.C., hit one's blog, surfed around a brief bit, and spent say... about... 14 minutes on aforementioned hypothetical blog?

This is all totally hypothetical of course.

a completely benign, God-fearing, regular ol' soccer mom who dearly loves her country (and who took her kiddos to the park this morning, then came home and made chicken 'n dumplings for dinner, all the while debating whether or not to grow her daughter's bangs out.  See... just a plain ol' soccer mom here... hypothetically speaking.)


  1. There are lots of innocent reasons DHS could be looking at someone's blog--say looking up info on Vietnam, approving an I-800, or the employee on their lunch break looking at other adoptive mom's blogs. That said, if this hypothetically happened to me, my husband would have my blog erased from all venues and our family moved within day. Just kidding! :)

  2. Oh THANKS Staci!!!! That doesn't make me feel any better... hypothetically!
    PS-They haven't been back.

  3. Freaky :)

    btw - I got a hit from HoChiMin City tonight - thought maybe they found me through you?

  4. I would say it's most likely an employee at work reading blogs. :p I read all kinds of blogs at work (even though I know I shouldn't, but hey I gotta stay awake sometimes!). Most likely they were just interested in your story, or they found your blog link on another website and just clicked over. If they were actually "investigating" you I'm sure you'd get a letter in the mail or something :)

  5. Well I did a little super-sleuth work and found that the hit came from a larger adoption blog (read HUGE blog, probalby the BIGGEST in adoption circles, and many of you know which one) that I left a comment on. It could have been interpreted as a snarkey comment re our gov't and their processing times of docs. This makes me even a little more nervous, but they haven't hit since, so it's likely no harm done.

  6. What a beautiful family you have!! And a beautiful blog! Even if you have surprise visitors. I didn't see anything here that would be worrisome. ;o) did you know "they" were there anyway?? Might be fun to know.

    Sheri (from your WAGI family)

  7. Sheri-
    Fancy meeting you here! Nice to have you too!
    "They" definitely found there way here from the BIG adoption blog (with RQ) that I had made a comment on. I have a statcounter on my blog. It's hidden, so you can't see it. I put it on there mostly to see if any weirdos were making visits or downloading pics of my kiddos. It doesn't have names, but it does have where a "hit" comes from and this one came from the "Dept of Homeland Security" in Wash DC. Holler if you want more info for your blog.


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