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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crazy 8 Highlights

  • It took Boo 29 hours to clean his room last week.  29 hours.  29 longs hours.  I'm exhausted, but I was not going to give in.   
  • Final potty training update - Jujube had many accidents, a couple a day for weeks.   Initially he just stood there and cried while wetting himself.  But then most of the accidents were while he was running to the potty and we couldn't fault him for that!  It was ok, but still accidents that I had to clean up.  Each time I made him change his own underwear, which is a bit difficult for him, and reinforced his need to run run run as fast as he could when he felt he had to go potty.  Now about 4-5 weeks later, accidents are very few, 1 every 4-5 days and usually only when he has trouble getting his pants down, poor guy!  Strangely, #2 has been a non-issue with no accidents.  For this I'm grateful!  And only one accident in preschool thus far.  Then to top it off, he seems to have nap time and almost nighttime trained himself.   On to Tess, the real challenge!   
  • Cause it's my blog and I can if I want to...
Smile for the camera, Jude!
  • The birthday blitzkrieg is finally over.  I've frosted cupcakes, baked cakes, wrapped presents, hung streamers, and sang happy birthday 5 times in 36 day.  Throw in one anniversary and one forever family day, and you've got one tuckered out mama.  Let the holidays begin!  {Someone help me, please!} 
  • As you may have noticed, I've started writing about the 14 days that brought us to T&J in VietNam.  Looking back, I realized that I have yet to put it all down, my memory is fading fast, and I think they deserve to have every link to their past that I can give them.  I have journals and photos to refresh my memory, but I really think T&J deserve to have it all written down.  In celebration of our forever family day, my gift to the babes really, I'm putting it all in print, and will have it bound into a book when I'm done.  The joys and the fears and the love and the uncertainty.  I started posting it all here, the 2 year anniversary of when it all started.  Then the big trip started on August 30, the day we left.  I was going to try to post the story daily as it happened, but see that thing above re the birthday overload. 
  • Jude is completely convinced he's 7 years old.

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