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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Blitzkrieg - 5 of 5

Easy-going guy. 

10 lb baby that despite numerous screaming urgent requests was born without drugs in 45 minutes, (I've decided not to let him live that one down... ever.)  Ok, it was really only 9lb 15 oz, but I'll be the first to tell you that that 1 once is quite inconsequential!
The "easy" child.  
Lady's man.  
Likes his hair to be well kept.  
Tall, like a full head taller than anyone in his class.  
Seems to like to bring the sand inside and deposit it on the floor or in his {brother's} bed.  
Squeezable, smooshable, and huggable.  
Really self-conscience.  
Has a really large head.  
Learning to be defiant.  
Typical middle child.  
Lover or Wii and anything his older brother has.  
Quick with a smile.  
Future dentist and teddy-bear father.
And today, 8 years old!  
Where in the world did THOSE 8 years go?  I mean I don't mind losing an hour or two, or even selective days, but 8 years?  Thank golly I've decided to age at a much slower rate than the children!


  1. Wow - stunning photos of your "big" boy :) I have a similar son (who's 8) - but he would deny crushing on any girls!!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Love the pictures, he's a real handsome guy!!


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