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Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Blitzkrieg - 4 of 5

Boy.  All boy.  A boy's boy.
Blue eyes that I could just could fall into, just like his papa's.  Golfer and baseball player.  Scraped-up tree climber.   Bean pole skinny.  Bucker of all systems, rules, plans, homework, agendas, schedules, and chores.  Clown.  Lover of numbers.  Instantly likable.  My 8lb 2 oz preemie.  Yes, I said preemie.  Soft, tender, and vulnerable on the inside despite all that dirt on the outside.  Cracks himself up.  A little too smart for his own good.  Taker of any dare, so please be careful what you dare him to do.  Rat lover.
Future whatever his papa is at the time, 'cause that's all he wants to be.  
And today, 12 years old!
Happy birthday, my sweet boy!  I SO love being your mama!

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