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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {Shroom-A-Polooza}

I found this post buried... left over from the sweet summer days.  
We're off at my baby sister's wedding, and it was too fun not to post.
(Anyone feeling like Alice?)

Patch visited my parents this summer.  My dad, Grandpapa, gave Patch a camera.  And it's really a very good camera. A very old really good camera.  They spent a few days, taking about ISO and aperture and shutter speed and taking pics.  Then Grandpapa took him to the darkroom a couple days, which Patch thought was the neatest place in the whole wide world.   He then sent him home with his new camera and 3 rolls of film.
Y'all remember film right?  
As a requisite to having a large family, we jump on opportunities to have quality one-on-one time with our kiddos.  So Patch's new camera is an opportunity for just him and me to get out together mano-a-mano.  His camera is old enough that it doesn't have a light meter.  So I take my camera, use it's meter, and tell him the settings for his shutter speed and aperture.  And sometimes he'd use my camera too.
Gotta love the simultaneous ipod usage.  He won it at bingo!

The rain up here at the cabin has been a daily occurrence and the ground is wet and fertile.  So we've gone "mushroom hunting" a several times to find subject matter for our cameras.  Being inhabitants of the desert, we find mushrooms fascinating!  We found at least 4 different varieties.
These are pictures we both took.
I also had fun playing around with some Lightroom presets while editing, 'cause when you're a mushroom you really don't care about the color of your skin tone!
As a side note, I had different neighbors come over at different times to inform us of the dangers of wild mushrooms.  I promise, that although crazy, I wouldn't attempt consuming any wild mushrooms.  I have no idea which are safe and which are not.  We just think they are incredibly cool to look at!

If you made to the end of the Crazy 8 edition of Shroom-A-Polooza, and like Alice if you're, "tired of being only three inches high," then I'll to leave you with this.  One of my favorite quotes.

Name that book---
"Sorry, you're much too big. Simply impassible." (Doorknob)
"You mean impossible?" (Alice)
"No, impassible. Nothing's impossible." (Doorknob)

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. What a fun Snapshot! And yes, I did feel a bit like Alice. Or maybe Charlie from the Chocolate Factory? Yours almost look like candy :)
    If he knows this much about photography at his age, he's going to be amazing by the time he's old enough to drive!!
    Happy Sunday!!

  2. Simply amazing pictures! Who knew mushrooms looked so good ;)

  3. What a lucky have such a wonderful Grampa...and alone time with his Mama!

  4. Oh how those mushrooms are amazing looking! Your son has a gift! They look like a whole world unto themselves. Nice job!

  5. see I would love some one to sit down with me and explain all that camera stuff or i really should say i should of listened when i was in highschool while i was taking a photography class. the things you wish you had pay attention too. great post and great photos

  6. These are great shots! Patch shows real talent!(And I'm going to start paying more attention to mushrooms!)

  7. I love the mushrooms! VERY cool! The old camera is very cool too.
    BTW, I've mainly been using my 50mm 1.4 lens and I still have my Canon... I have not been able to upgrade to the 5D Mark II yet due that little issue of my entire basement flooding back in February. So now I wait for this coming April to upgrade. Sigh...

  8. What fun! And great shots too. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have never seen such interesting and beautiful mushrooms!
    What a cool way to spend quality time with one of your kids! I'm taking notes...


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