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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look what the little Y chromosomes drug home!

Blog warning:  The following images are not intended for those of delicate constitution, those who are predisposed to nausea when viewing squeemish or oogy content, or persons having a sensitive gag reflex.
Those with the notorious "Y chromosome" will naturally be drawn to the following images. 

Parental Discretion is Advised

My boys brought both of the above bugs home.  For me.  Thx boys.  Just what I wanted, a 3" beetle, that is VERY sticky to things like baby arms, and another daddy long leg!  
Aren't my boys sweet!
Of course not all the critters we stumbled across this summer were oogy.  This red one was pretty.  

This one below was NOT pretty.  She was mean.  She tried to bite me.  Twice.  Patch tried to convince me for 2 weeks that she should be our new pet.  He's SO funny!  I seriously thought about it for about 3/517 of a second.  
Patch regularly goes snake hunting too.  He brings them home to show to me, and then he lets them go under our cabin.  Did I mention how funny my boy is?  This snake thing is especially funny.  I'm always laughing around here.  Like on this day I said, Hey Patch, I see you brought home another snake.  That's hysterical!

And then he caught not one, 'cause one really just isn't enough, but 2 bull frogs the size of cantaloupes!  Really Patch?  2 of them?  Cause one is a hoot, but 2 is just the funniest thing we've ever had happened.  Except for that snake thing.
This bug above is especially charming!  Reminds me of my sweet Sunday school teacher when I was 10.  Oh the memories!

The pollen on the back of this creature is SO NEAT!

Butterflies are pretty, right?  Do snakes eat butterflies?

Here's the other bullfrog Patch lugged home 1 week after the first one.  This frog was the size of a Honda Accord.  No kidding.

On this picture I'm not sure if I'm more ooged out by the spider crawling around on Boo, or the condition of his cuticles.  Seems wrong for a boy to get a manicure at 7.  But I think this may be what he's getting for his birthday!

Well I don't want to leave y'all nauseated and woozy.  So this is Dumbo.  She's sweet as a pea.  Nothing bad or oogy or nauseating about her at all!  We really do like her scaly tail,  beady eyes, and all!   Even though she is a rat.  I won't hold it against her.  She can't help it.  


  1. Gorgeous photos...even if the subject matters are a, creepy. :)

  2. wowzers!! gorgeous photos...even if some of them give me the heeby jeeby's :)

  3. Gorgeous photos, even if the subject matter was a bit....creepy? My middle daughter would LOVE all those bugs and snakes and critters!

  4. Yes, gorgeous photos but....I can handle any of the critters except the spiders or snakes!

  5. And I love the photo at the top of your blog of you and your husband.

  6. Chris- That one on the top is one of my favorites too! Even if I do have an inch of grey that is in desperate need of a box of brown. I just LOVE that man!

  7. awesome shots. love em. and how you spent the last several weeks.

  8. Ok, you seriously have me cracking up!! I had to scroll past the GROSS critters, but I just love reading your commentary!! The "bullfrog the size of a HONDA" literally made me almost choke on my drink!!! Love your personality!!!

  9. PS I think DUMBO is a CUTIE!!! Although her tail gives me the WHEELIES!! Sorry Dumbo, we all have something we hate bought our bodies!!


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