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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sunday Snapshot {He's full of hot air}

We celebrated Livy's birthday with a small family celebration with lots of pink cupcakes.
She was so sweet, and at 14, has now arrived at the age when seeing the joy in others is more fun that experiencing the joy yourself.  That's big stuff.  I'm pretty sure I learned that lesson in my mid-30's.  Or maybe it was just last week.
With Jude, fresh off his own birthday 3 days earlier, and Tess's birthday to come in a few weeks, both babes have been eagerly looking for opportunities to practicing blowing skills, especially blowing out candles.  When they saw Livy's cupcakes aglow with 14 candles, they just couldn't resist.  They both climbed onto her lap and started blowing away.  And the neatest part was that Livy didn't seem to mind sharing this on her special day.  She loved letting them blow the candles out for her, and her face showed it!
Tess's two front teeth get in the way of her blow.  But looking back at the pictures, Jujube stole the show.  Most of his blows were straight up making his hair rise up, but that didn't stop him from trying SO hard!  (He does have a huge bruise on his cheek from the day before.  Still having balance issues that hopefully his preschool PT will address.)
It was a great celebration and showed me how much all of my little ones, including those who aren't so little anymore, are growing!

ps- At least 2 new Viet recipes coming soon!  Crazy Caucasian mama is trying her hand at Viet cooking again!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Beautiful photos. Your older daughter sounds so sweet to share her moment, and your children are all so lovely.

  2. Happy birthday to all! Have lots of fun being 3, Jude! You are just such a darling boy. Can't wait for the Vietnamese recipes. :)

  3. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back Mama...Cause GREAT kids like that... come from Great Mamas and Daddys! Lovely, beautiful happy children...what a blessing...GOD IS GOOD!

  4. Those cupcakes look SO yummy!!! Happy Birthday to all those celebrating in your house!

  5. Oh my gosh... YUM!! You're making me want to make cupcakes!!
    Looks like EVERYone enjoyed Livy's big day :)
    Happy Sunday, Nancy!

  6. Happy Birthday to your lovely 14 year old Livy!!!

    Love those pink cupcakes!!

    And your little ones?

    Absolutely precious!


  7. What a beautiful series of shots and a special day!

  8. What a wonderful set of shots!! And tasty-looking cupcakes... yum!


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