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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Aunt George

I was a 14 years old when my baby sister was born.  After 4 brothers is a row, I honesty remember shedding tears of joy that I finally got a sister, Sarah.

The baby of the family, and a long awaited girl, Sarah was fussed over a wee bit.  Perhaps spoiled a bit.  Through my teen eyes, she was was spoiled far too much!  Through my teen eyes, she was never told no or denied any whim.  Sarah was smart too, and still is.  Like scary smart.  She was a self-proclaimed princess and ruled her kingdom.  Jealousy did not suit me well.
When she was 3 or 4 years old, not only did she decided to change her name, but insisted that everyone call her by it, Princess Georgina.  Really, Georgina was bad enough to me, seeing as how is was so different from her traditional given name, Sarah, but adding the title Princess threw me over the top.   I was the only person in the house that did not abide by her wishes, and I would not call her Princess Georgina.

Sadly, for this egocentric, self-centered teen, her name stuck.  Time passed.  After a couple years, Sarah Georgina asked my mother to make it official and legally have her name changed.  My mother, being only somewhat rational, conceded to her demands request and did have my baby sister's name changed to included Georgina as a middle name.  I was outraged that a mere child would dictate and eventually be granted such life altering changes.
Retaliation was not only necessary, but practically an obligation.   And somewhere along the line, I started calling her George.  She hated it.  That in turn made me love it all the more.  To her the name George evoked an image of an old man snoozing and drooling on a park bench, not a princess.  So I used it even more frequently.

Years passed and eventually, the beautiful name Sarah came back.  But to further enforce the lesson I was practically obligated to teach her, my nic-name for her, George, was one that I didn't give up.  And eventually, after a while, a long while, and with much learning and forgiveness, it became my term of endearment for my beloved baby sister... something special just between the two of us.

I had my first child when George was only 11 years old, and she officially became Aunt George.  She's still Aunt George to this day.
Aunt George got married this past weekend to a wonderful man who loves her to the moon.
They met riding their motorcycles.  And now she is now off to Japan for the next 3 years to live on a military base half-way across the world.  Sniff, sniff.  And anyone who knows her, knows she is not a woman that conforms to anything, certainly not an military base or a commissary.
Love does amazing things.
Love between a man and a woman.
Love from an older sister to a baby one.

I love you, George!


  1. Congratulations to your baby sister! What a sweet post!

  2. Beautiful photos, and what a funny story! I remember as a kid wanting to be called Chantelle, I don't even know where I heard that name, but my mom would not have been convinced as easily as yours, how did your sister do that?? Boy she's good!

  3. I followed your link on Stefanie's blog and was totally drawn in by your story.
    And then the coincidence made me laugh - I'm in Japan for the next three years too, at a military base halfway around the world.

    George will love it here! What a wonderful place to start out her married life.

  4. here frim ni hoa ya'all:
    What beautiful photos!! An even more beautiful and touching story of love between sisters!! (I must say it brought tears to my eyes)

  5. here from Ni Hao Ya'all:
    What beautiful photos! And an even more beautiful story of love between sisters!!

  6. WHat a sweet post about your sister! I kinda like the nickname to be honest, not that she looks like a Geaorge, but it sounds cute!

    She made a beautiful bride and the pictures are awesome!

    Have a great Sunday!

  7. Oh what a fun wedding story! Hugs to you as you watch your baby sister move across the world!
    She is a beautiful bride!

  8. Congrats to your sister! Lovely post - and beautiful pictures!

  9. Beautiful pics!! And what a fun motorcyle picture :)

    I have a dear friend I met while living in Germany; we were both exchange students. Her name is Sue but for some odd reason, I started calling her "Bob" and to this day, 23 years later, she's still "Bob" to me!

  10. Fun story and beautiful photos! We have a little dictator here and I hope she doesn't decide to change her name - yikes, as the mom I hope I can hold out!!! I love that your sister is Aunt George - even better that it is endearing now :) She'll love Japan, and I'm sure Japan will love her too!

  11. My comment has nothing to do with this post, but i would feel bad posting something so irrelevant, so i will say this is a great post. really. but anyways, i thought i would let you know that my roommate did agree to make some tamales for me

  12. LOVE your pictures, Nancy!! And I love the way you describe your relationship with your sister :)
    I am sure she is thrilled to have a big sis who can capture a moment so beautifully for her on her big day!!

  13. I love this post...what a great story!!

    I admire the relationship you have with your sister!!

    Beautiful pictures!


  14. Congrats to everyone! Beautiful pics!

  15. Just to let you know, I am having great difficulty conforming to that dang commissary!! Especially since there are NO other options around here!


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