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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday Blitzkrieg - 3 of 5 - UPDATED

Tess Tuyết 
Our little Miss SaiGon.  More flexible, nimble and agile than most.  Throws a temper tantrum faster and harder than any child I've ever witnessed.  Fast.  I mean really fast.  Skeeter bug and dynamo.  Still learning to love and be loved in this crazy world.  Really super fast!  Survivor.  Likes to honk at imaginary cars.  Has taught the Crazy Mama more about life than anyone.   Fruit hater.  Climber of high and dangerous things.  Petite... I mean really petite.
Future contortionist for the circus and super model.  
And today, 3 years old!
Happy birthday baby girl!
Is a party complete without a raging temper tantrum?
Tess, says no!


  1. I love these pics of Tess. Getting weepy. Reading about your SaiGon adventures is bliss. Can't believe the memory card-- don't you HATE that?? Can't wait to read more!

  2. Love the leggings with the skirt and boots! Already such style at just 3 years old =).

  3. I gasped when I saw the first photo of Tessa on this post - she has grown into such a beautiful little girl - love her style too! :) You have done remarkable things with Tessa. Her future is SO bright!

  4. What a precious girl! Even cute when having a hissy fit. Where did you find that adoreable skirt?


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