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Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday Blitzkrieg - 2 of 5

the old soul
Granna treated her to a mani-pedi and lunch.
Gotta luv the blue polish!
We had a family celebration complete with pink cupcakes with pink icing and pink candles.  We decorated with pink streamers and pink balloons.  She opened some wonderful gifts.
On their birthday, my kiddos get to pick either a birthday dinner I will make them or a restaurant to go to.  Oddly they rarely pick home cooked food, which I don't get cause I really am a good cook!  Livy picked her favorite, fondue at The Melting Pot.  Then she got to pick 2 people to go with her, Sunny and me.  Lucky Sunny!  Lucky me!
I brought my camera.  It was really dark in there, so I cranked the ISO up really high, and set the camera on the table.   I shot the images and never looked through the view finder.  I think the pics we got were really neat and from a different perspective.
Happy birthday, sweet girl! 

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