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Thursday, July 12, 2012

109 degrees today

Goodness, entertaining (read cooking and cleaning up after) the crazy 9 progeny, not to mention playing nurse maid and my photography class, has left me with little time to blog.  I'm trying reals hard to get to the next Photography 101 post tomorrow.  
Not to leave you hanging... I originally posted this in August, 2010.  I was thinking with the recent heat wave, y'all could add your own experiences! 
Coincidentally, the forecast for today's high is 109 degrees.  

You know it's summertime 
in the Arizona desert when...
---you lose a layer of skin each time you have to peel your thighs off the seat of the car.

---you judge the temperature outside by touching the inside of a window. 
---you see the birds "panting" in the trees.  
(really, this one happens all the time, and it's plain ol' weird)

---105 degrees isn't that bad.
    ---the local police wear shorts.
    ---you wish you had cloth seats in your car instead of leather.  
---you don't see any of your neighbors mid-May through mid-September.  

---you'd rather park in the far back of the parking lot, in the shade, than the closest one in the sun.

---it's 95 degrees at 10am, the cool part of the day.  
---an SPF less than 30 is just plain funny.

---you've actually fired an egg on the sidewalk with your kids.  (It works!  We've done it!)

---the airport shuts down because planes can't get lift in the heat.  (Yep, that happens too!)
---opening your car door seems hotter than opening a blast furnace.

---you've gotten serious burns from your seat belt buckle.  (We have to be really careful with infant car seats!)

---a chunk of the parking lot sticks to your shoe.
    ---you see your neighbor put shoes on her dog so his feet don't burn during the walk.  (Yes, this is true!)

    ---wearing a sleeveless shirt, complete with bingo wings, doesn't seem so awful anymore. (Y'all know what "bingo wings" are, right?  Your "Hey Marge's?"  I'll wait for someone to ask.  Not sure if this is an AZ thing or not.) 
    ---you purposefully wear skirts so the AC in the car can blow up your skirt.

    ---autumn happens in January.
---your swimming pool gets too hot to swim in.  (The water on the top step can actually scald the tootsies!)

---you turn the tap water all the way to cool, and it's still warm.  Nothing like a warm shower on a hot day... not. 

Man, it was hot today.


  1. This cracks me up! My parents winter in Arizona, but I have an aunt and uncle, cousins that live year round there! Thanks for the laugh today! PS we are adopting from Ethiopia, on wait lists right now. Love your pics of the kids and the fun descriptions of them! God bless!

  2. Tina-Sure, who doesn't winter in AZ? But it's the summer that separates the crazy folks, the hardy, the large pored, the smelly sweaty people from the sane ones. And I'm from a LONG line of crazy AZ desert rats! It's genetic. I'm doomed.

  3. Wow, your post made me appreciate Northern Minnesota in a way I never have before. Thank you!
    I cam to your blog through grafted in. Thanks for a great post!
    Lori King

  4. Yikes. Makes Los Angeles sound downright balmy.

  5. Be thankful you don't have to add humidity to your list! Oh, and the day we left for VN for L we almost didn't make it because it was too hot out and they were not letting everyone go on the plane. We cried. My husband cried. We told them they HAD to let us on that plane! lol

  6. Okay, that's just too hot but this post is a riot!

  7. Hi, I've been reading your blog for months and haven't left a comment yet, oops :( I had to comment on this though - living in the UK, I can't tell you how alien this sounds! Our summer is currently a washout, we're still in jeans and jumpers most of the time. It's hard to imagine that somewhere in the world the skies are blue instead of grey and people actually *see* the sun! Best wishes to Livy from rainy Yorkshire...

  8. Quick question, we are in China right now at the Garden in Guangzhou. Did you find a place to do laundry cheaply. I don't want to pay hotel prices and our guide said her friend would do it but it would still be ~100 yuan. I tried doing some myself but let's just say, I am not a good wash machine. If you could send me a message at that would be great. Thanks.

  9. We used to live in Tucson and I can so identify! But Phoenix is worse--

    I have enjoyed your blog a lot, thanks for sharing your life, especially the adoption parts! One evening I read your whole story about adopting the kids- I'm glad they're doing well and growing in a safe and happy home. Adoption is dear to my heart as well.

  10. Oh how I can relate. Just change that AZ to TX and there we are. Except I, am embaressed to say, do not know what bingo wings are!!! *cringe*


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