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Friday, July 30, 2010

Tuyết Phương

When I took the photograph below, I didn't notice it.  But later, when I had a moment, I saw it.
That nose.
I still think about and study that nose a lot!  Too much.  Way more than a nose should be thought about.
That crinkled-up nose.
That crinkled-up, sweet nose that makes her eyes disappear to squints, the crinkly nose that I first saw two years ago on a computer monitor.  I first shared it here, in 2008.   But I couldn't show you the whole picture back then, just the decapitated version.
There she was, with all the booty I had sent in a care package, chewing on the teether I had picked out at Target.  There she was wrinkling up that cute little nose at me from half way across the world.  It was the first and only picture we'd get from the orphanage that had our Tuyết Phương, our Tess, smiling.

Adoption is funny like that.  There is so so little, if you're lucky, and sometimes nothing to know about your child in the beginning.  Your child.  So when you have a tiny little something, like a crinkled-up nose from half way across the world, you hang on it.  And study it.  And remember it.  And think about it way more than seems right.

Her little birthmark is still there too between her eyes.  Looks like a little rash.    I think it's funny that at both at 9 months and now at almost 3 years old, one eye is more open that the other in the smile.  Kinda Popeye.  See, I told you I think about it way too much!
I just LOVE that she still does that!
I just LOVE that nose!
It doesn't get much better for me.

PS-Any Vietnamese readers out there?  I thought there might be one?  I'd be so thankful if you'd help me with your translation of Tuyết Phương.  I keep getting different interpretations.  Help please?


  1. That's the cutest crinkly nose I ever laid eyes on. Lucky you!

  2. Tessa is so pretty! Love the photos - she looks SO happy and loved.

  3. Hello!
    I'm Vietnamese, and I'm not sure how to translate her name because Phuong has different meaning depends on the Chinese characters (Vietnamese names are base on Chinese characters)

    but Tuyet means "snow" and Phuong means "way, direction" or "fragrant, sweet-smelling" maybe putting Tuyet Phuong together, the meaning might be "snow fragrant" : )

  4. Tuyen-
    When I wrote the post, I couldn't remember the markings/characters. After getting your message, I went through her papers and found it. It's Phương. I think that's direction? I may be wrong. How do you interpret it?
    I'm SO lucky you replied! THANK YOU!
    I'm going to revise this post to show the characters.

  5. Our little Vietnamese baby girl (now almost 4) has the same sweet crinkled up nose, and it's one of my favorite things about her!


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