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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evolution of a fort

In the summer, we have a house rule that there's no TV or Wii or Videos or anything plugged in for that fact unless it's dark or raining.  Gotta keep them boys busy so my neighbor and I hatched a plan to have our boys work on building a fort.   Three days later, almost 10 hours a day, they had a fabulous fort!
This is our neighbor's boy, C.  He's pretty stinkin' cute too.
They decided to use stacked cord wood for the walls...
...but they had to cut it themselves.    Patch, being the oldest at the ripe ol' age of 11, was left to do all the sawing.  I was worried about those fingers getting sliced off.  Silly city girl with silly city girl worries.
Our neighbor was coincidentally cutting down this enormous pine tree that had been struck by lightning.  The boys decided this would make a wonderful table for the fort.  Getting it up the hill however was a bit difficult.  I kept applauding their sweat-laden efforts, thinking all the while, you boys sure are gonna sleep early and well tonight!
Boo just wore this smirk most of the time, thrilled and simultaneously a little shocked that not only did the bigger boys share their fort building, but also let him use real tools.
(Notice that front little tooth that's trying to wiggle out!)
Lastly, stretching up a tarp for a little protection.
Cutting all that wood for the walls was quite a chore.  So alternative wall building was incorporated.
Nothing says fort building like madras plaid!
The boys went to bed easily and quickly and slept late 3 days in a row.
And I thought to myself, boys sure will be boys!  Ain't it grand!
And girls will be annoying sisters girls.  Oh well.
Needless to say, this hasn't gone over well at our home.
I better go and "settle it" before someone gets hurt.


  1. Gorgeous photos! What a fun project--I'm sure they'll enjoy many summer days in that fort!

  2. HAHAHA! Boys will be boys!! And girls will be girls too, won't they?!?
    I bet your boys DID sleep well... what a great idea to have them build a fort!!


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