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Friday, July 2, 2010

self-acknowledged horn tooting!

Look here---8th photo down by the crazy mama herself!
The original post is here, and I think there were better pics from the event, but this is the one that was chosen. 
God bless America, and have a wonderful holiday weekend, y'all!
Toot!  Toot!


  1. That is great honey. I keep telling you that you are a good photographer. I am proud of you.

  2. This is not my comment but a comment that was left on the contest web site. "All wonderful photos- however, the Native American gets my vote for the winner. After all, other countries have pepsi and watermelon and Bud…. but nothing represents America like the American Indian!!! The dawn of our country!".

  3. Good golly! Now I'm a finalist! My head is getting bigger by the moment! That's it! I'm doubling my rates!

  4. Congrats, T. I love your photo and even if it isn't chosen, just to be featured on PW's blog is a feather in your cap! Good luck.

  5. Woo hoo!!! You're so awesome! I've never had the guts to submit any photos on Pioneer Woman. I don't have enough confidence. Go Nancy!

  6. Well I didn't win, but I DID get a $75 gift cert to B&H for being a finalist! WhoHoooo!!!
    Thx all for the fabulous compliments!

  7. You rock! So does Ree....but you're right up there with her in my book!


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