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Friday, July 16, 2010

Potty Talk {Day 4 & 5}

I am done potty training!  Unfortunately, Jude is not.

Day 4 was pretty much a disaster.

I discovered that he had been working it all along just for the candy.  He had NO CLUE when to use the potty.  He was going so often (just to get a piece of candy) that there never was an opportunity for him to "feel" the urge to go.  But he does seem to have bowel control figured out.

The end of day 4 and much of day 5 were spent re-accessing the plan.  We eliminated the candy and are now solely relying on whoooo hoooo's and cheer leading.  Need-less-to-say, he was upset and confused when no candy came.  MANY times he found himself peeing on the floor and was upset by this.  Not surprisingly, I started to get kinda upset by this too.
After an accident that he was very upset about, I had a sit down talk... as much of a sit down talk as you can with a 2-year-old, and explained that when he needs to go potty he needs to RUN to the potty.  RUN FAST.  LIKE THE WIND.  My boy knows about running.  So I think he kinda understood me.  Currently, I'm giving lots of reminders and still pushing liquids but not as much as the first few days.  If he hasn't gone after 60 min. I have him try.

We had several successes late today.  And by success, I mean times when he was wasn't thinking about the potty and "felt" the urge to go and ran to the potty.  I'm not sure we're on the downhill yet, but after 5 straight days, I sure hope we are!

My confession… I didn’t potty train Sunny or Livy.  Papa did.  I tried, or thought I tried, with Sunny.  Nothing seemed to happen and when Papa took over, she was trained in all of 10 minutes.  She was 33 months old.  Liv was trained just a couple weeks shy of her 3rd birthday, also by Papa.  Patch, as mentioned earlier, was about 38 months old, too smart for his own good, and potty training was disastrous.  It took months and even then wasn’t completely successful.  Denny was trained at 34 months, and Jude is now 35 months old.   All were trained in the summer when nakedness wasn’t a weather problem.

Lastly, I got many suggestions on the tiny-hiney underwear problem.  Thank you all for the input.  If you're little-one is petite and has a small bum, drop me a note, and I'll pass on the great advice.


  1. i have a little bottomed boy and have found that the "faded glory" undies from walmart and the "circo" brand from target are sized smaller. they don't have the cute cartoon pics on them but aren't totally ugly. good luck with the training. my oldest son was alot like your patch, i think. it took him a whole year to train completely!

  2. Thanks for the posts on potty training - you are scaring me to death, but that's okay. :) Emma is now 31 months of age. By what you said about your daughters, I have a few months right? Emma just shows no interest and gives an adamant "no!" when asked if she wants to use the potty. She has sat on her potty playing but she just has no interest and our pediatrician said she will tell us when she is ready....I am beginning to wonder about that. :) I was told to get Hanna Andersson underpants (did this months ago) and they were HUGE - I thought I got the smallest size possible. Then found (for girls anyway) a pack of size 2 at Target with Elmo, Zoe, etc. on them and they fit perfectly. Don't know the brand off hand. Emma wears them over her diapers every now and again and once didn't want her diaper on and that was a disaster - she doesn't get the concept yet so she is definitely not ready. I have been told when they are more than ready, it is easy. Hope that will be the case with us! Good luck with sweet little Jude! He is a beautiful boy and Tessa is equally beautiful!


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