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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Potty Talk {Day 2}

Potty week-Day 2.  Yes, my life has boiled down to a week of potty talk.  And the crazy part is that I absolutely love it!

Again TMI.  Very TMI!  It’s still potty talk after all.

We started day 2 of potty training bright and early with the start of nakedness-where-it-counts again.  But when I took off his diaper I was surprisingly met by Mr. Happy.  It was just too early to be face to face with Mr. Happy.  And being a girl, I wasn't sure of what the implications on potty training would be with Mr. Happy.  So I put his diaper back on.  I decided to deal with it later.  When it was less bright and early.  When there was less Mr. Happy.  30 min later we tried again.  Less Happy.  Much better.  I was more awake.  I'm not sure that was the right thing to do.  Like I said, I'm winging this.  So day 2 of potty training started 30 minutes later than planned.  

Lessons learned from day 1-
  • After cleaning, wipe the potty bowl out dry every time.  Pumping all these liquids, pee looks like water.  It was hard to tell if he had actually peed or if I hadn't wiped the bowl completely dry.  For this reason, we also don’t use the adult potty when training.
  • Cut/break candy pieces into smaller pieces.  I had grossly underestimated the the quantity of candy intake.  It can't be healthy, but it's temporary.  And it has his attention so it's working and thus worth it.  
  • Pull ups for nap and bed time.  Underwear eventually.  No more diapers ever.  I don't want him to think they're an option.  But that's too easy to say when we're only on day 2.  So I reserve the right to be a hypocrite and change my mind about this.  
  • Try to eliminate distractions.  It’s hard to keep liquids going, be enthusiastic, continual potty cleansing, and give constant reminders, with distractions. 
After incorporating these lessons, day 2 was pretty much just like day 1.  My sweet stinker boy has peed no less than 5.8 gazillion times today.  He’s working the system to get candy.  I’m ok with that.  Tired but ok.  More cheering, more liquids, more candy.    The big girls have become Jude’s biggest cheer leaders whooping it up no less that 5.8 gazillion times.  I sent Sunny to the dollar store to get a new cup/water bottle with fancy schmancy built-in-straw to keep the liquid intake successful.  The Starbucks' cup is cracked and tattered. 
After almost 48 hours sans poo, we knew it was coming, but wondered when, and more importantly, where it was coming!  My little man was watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and suddenly ran to the potty.  Success of the #2 variety!  2 BIG candies were earned for being so BIG!  Today we had 4 #2 successes!

I really love the potty chair I bought.  It's a PottyPod. Sadly, I convinced myself that I'd be training two kiddos on it, so I could spend a little more.  But now I absolutely love it!  No pinching little hineys and my favorite part is that it is SO easy to clean.  It's a simple design that has few cracks and crevices for dried pee.  It's really looks comfortable and cushy too, and Jude can sit there a while if need be.  There is Toilet Trainer from the same company that goes directly on the adult toilet and is just like this, that I may think about purchasing when Jude moves to the adult potty.
Prince Lionheart PottyPOD, Green

So it’s still going really well.  To be frank… it’s still going too well.  We’re knocking on a lot of wood round here.  Hmmmmmm

To be continued tomorrow…


  1. How cute are those buns????? Glad it's going so well. What does Tess think of all this? Is she at all tempted to sit and "do" like her brother???

  2. I gotta pinch those buns. And those saggy undies in the above post are hysterical. We struggled with big undies for awhile with our first. Pins were my only solution as well. Good luck!

  3. I am sorry, this is just too funny. I feel your pain. Just think in a year, I will be doing this too :o) Yipee!!! Although PC may give me a run for my money, the 1st 3 were relatively easy and done at the latest of 2 years and 2 months, with 1 weeks time, he will probably be 5 since he's the BABY! His tush is too stinkin' adorable!


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