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Monday, July 12, 2010

Potty Talk {Day 1}

For Michelle and Chris and anyone else about to embark upon this journey.  You asked, so here it is in all it's glory...
First---This is TMI.  It’s potty training!  Of course it’s TMI.  Stop reading here if you either don’t care or are easily offended.  Again… it’s potty training!

Second---I’m not good at this.  There are a LOT of things I’m good at.  This is not one of them.  And because of this, I put it off as long as possible and make it as easy as possible.  Which is what I was doing just fine till Jude decided it was time.  Fine. 
There’s been a lot of “prep work” to get to this point.  At least a year of “BIG boy” talk.  Oh you’re so BIG putting on your shoes by your self!  Jude, you’re such a BIG boy when you get in your seat by yourself.  Some day you’ll be BIG and wear underwear!  Someday you’ll be BIG and go pee and poop on the potty!  We want being BIG to be the end all be all.  But every time we asked if he wanted to be BIG and sit and the potty?  He said no.  For months.  No potty pease.  Diater pease.  Oh well.  But I’m ok with that ‘cause like I said, I’m really no good at this, and this enables me to put it off all this potty talk even further.  
Then this weekend happened and a sudden Jujube has interest in the potty chair we’ve had out for almost a year.  An interest in sitting on it.  No idea specifically what happens in there, but an interest.  My cue… start the dreaded potty training.  And recently a trip to the store ahead of time for Jude to pick out supplies to include BIG-boy underwear, and his favorite candy, and Kool-Aid. 

Day 1 includes---
  • Nakedness.  All the time.  All day.  A t-shirt.  But naked where it counts… from the waist down.
  • No outings.  No store.  No errands.  No trip to the park.  No ride to Granna’s house.  No quick stop at the market.  Nothing.  Today we’re not even going outside on the porch.  We’ve committed to 3 days at home ALL the time. 
  • Liquids.  Lots of them.  All day.  We started with ice water (he has a fascination with ice right now) in a Starbucks cup and a straw.  This seems to be enough for him for now.  But we’re prepped with juice and Kool-Aid and Gatorade and Chrystal Light when we need. 
  • Candy.  1 piece for every successful use of the potty.  Candy he picked out all by himself from the store.
  • Reminders.  Reminders. Reminders.  Every few minutes.   Don’t pee on the floor.  You’re BIG now.  Be sure and put the pee in the potty.  Don’t get pee on the couch, please.    Poop goes in the potty.  BIG boys sit on the potty to pee.  Remember to use the potty, Jude!
  • Sitting him down on the potty every 20 min to "try."  (If he's not having accidents we'll stretch this out to 30 min and ultimately 45 min.  Even after a couple weeks of success, I still will have him try every hour or so and always before and after nap/bed time, and just before we leave the house.)
  • LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and lots and lots of cheering and whoo hoo-ing and applause and high-fives and hugs and congratulations from everyone in the house, including guests, every single time there is success!!!!  Even if it’s just a little success!  Even if it's a very very tiny minuscule amount of success!  Success the size of a drop is cheered like a cure for cancer!  Even if it’s just his means to get another piece of candy.  
So this is day 1. 
Thankfully there was a divine intervention… and accidental pee in the potty.  His eyes were the size of saucers.  What was going on here?  Then Oh THAT’s what’s supposed to happen!  Whooping and cheering and everyone congratulating him (It takes a village!) on being BIG, on being the end-all-be-all!  It was pure coincidence that he peed when he was sitting on the potty chair, but you could see his little gears spinning.  It was good, and a connection in that adorable little head of his was made.
Success so far.  The stinker figured out quickly how to pee 1 drop at a time, once every 90 seconds to maximize his candy intake.  It’s ok.  We still cheered each time.  Got a little trying after about 3 hours trying to remain so enthusiastic about cleaning the potty each time there was the tiniest drop of pee.  We ultimately used some diversions to get his attention off the potty and the candy.  A HUGE victory when he stopped what he was doing mid morning and remembered all by himself to pee on the potty.   Poor guy hasn’t pooped today.  (Sorry… TMI)  I’m sure all this potty talk has his system messed up.  He did ask for his diater pease when he took a nap.  I reminded how BIG he was and BIG boys don't wear diapers.  He wore a pull-up.

It’s going too well.  I’ve had this happen before only to be met with lots of accidents all over the house on day 2, after the novelty wore off. 

To be continued tomorrow…


  1. Can someone please brush his hair. Good luck, sounds like a good time for me to be out of town.

  2. Man. He sure is a cute little guy! Hope it continues to go this well!!

  3. AWESOME JUDE! Just what I wanted to read about! We've semi-started here, but plan on doing the many-days-naked-doing-nothing-else-but strategy when we return from France and are over jet lag. Can't wait to find out about day 2 tomorrow!

  4. this makes me ill. i hate potty training and I've only done it once. Mark turned 2 in May and has no interest whatsoever. I am not pushing it at all. GOOD LCUK!

    (And those fort pics are to die for. Amen to physical play and no Wii and TV. Good rules for sure!)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Staci-See... that's the whole deal... potty training make me sick too! And I'm now doing for a fifth time! I just thought I'd have a better handle on it by now. But each kiddo is so different so there's no set recipe to use every time. Jude's looking to be pretty straight forward... easy so far. Tess is gonna be a trick. Saving that one for Papa!
    And I think 24 mo is most likely too early. Jude really had NO interest till this last Sun, 3 days ago.


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