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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A good stick

(Disclaimer-This is actually 2 golf tournaments stealthy portrayed as 1, for ease and sanity of the Crazy writer.)

We're smack in the middle of golf season.  I guess in the land of desert and heat and perpetual sunlight, it's always golf season.  But in the summer, Papa and the boys have many more opportunities to play.

Our club offers a junior golf clinic that culminates with a golf tournament for the kiddos.  We've been participating since Sunny was wee tiny.  Now just the boys, Papa, Boo, and Patch, play.
Boo, again competed in the 3 hole division.  Let's just say, at best, his swing isn't the most natural.  He swings like he has a baseball bat in his hands.  Baseball and golf, the 2 sports my boys play, don't really mix well. But in the end, he held his own, surprisingly taking second, and more importantly he had lots of fun!

Jujube tags along.  Not being golfers, Jujube and I drew stick figures on the score cards.  

Much to Papa's excitement, Patch, at 11 years old, is finally coming in to his own.

One of the things that makes Patch a natural at golf, is he really doesn't care.  Golf is a really mental sport, as Tiger Woods now attests too, and not much rattles Patch's cage.  He just plays.  He's finally good enough to play with adults, albeit slowly.  This year he competed in the 9 hole division, and did quite well, scoring a 37!  (Tees were moved quite a ways forward as is was very wet.)
Since he won, from now on he'll compete in the 18 hole division.  I think that may be a bit much for a 12 year old, but he is looking forward to it.

The weather was gorgeous...

most of the time.  Did you notice that pic with the clouds closing in?  Then this happened.

Lots of fun was had by all.  Patch received high fives, and Papa beamed as Patch got his trophy.  And honestly, it makes me pretty excited too, maybe someday, he could earn himself a golf scholarship, anywhere, and that would be a very good thing!  
In this picture I notice how much younger, smaller and stranger goofier my boy is!  I asked all of them to give me their best model pose!  Silly boy!
I LOVE it when they shake hands at the end!  Seems so grown-up!

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