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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crazy 8 Highlights--The Tiny-Hiney Underwear Guru

    • We're still on the lovely mountain for a couple more cherished weeks.  Today I had to decide what store to go to, Safeway, Ace Hardware, or Walmart.  It's a very small town.  The choices are few.  I needed tiney-hiney underwear, conditioner, ammunition, Spackle, a mop handle, a loaf of bread a bottle of milk and a stick of butter, (name that show) bobby pins, Play Dough, and some worms.  I went to Walmart.  I didn't want to go, but I did.  It make me so cranky that I think I need to go put on my old yoga pants, the ones with the hole, the ones I refuse to get rid of no matter how old and tattered they get.  Ooops.  I'm already wearing them.  I guess I fit right in at Walmart!
    • I think I've become The Tiny-Hiney Underwear Guru.  Not sure it was a title that I was purposefully aspiring to but I know so much now.  After asking for advice on finding smaller-sized underwear on some adoption boards, I was flooded with wonderful suggestions.  Many welcomed messages later, Jude now has underwear that doesn't fall off!   Long story short for Sherri and Chris and Michelle and fellow mamas of tiny-hineys everywhere...  Hanna Andersson has very good highly recommended very small underwear.  100% soft cotton and the elastic band is completed encased which is good for our sensory sensitive adopted kiddos.  But they are pricey at a 3-pack for $18+shipping.  Papa saw their web site and said, "Good Lord!  That's gonna cost me a Disney Toy Story Toddler Boy 3 Pair Brief Pack MULTI 2-3 TodDisney Mickey Mouse Three Pack Briefs MULTI 2-3 TodDisney Pixar 3pk Briefs MULTI 2-3 TodDisney 3-pk. Girls Tinkerbell Panties MULTI 2-3 TodDisney Princess 3-pk. Girls Panties MULTI 2-3 TodDisney 3-pk. Handy Manny Briefs MULTI 2-3 Todsmall fortune!"  So as much as I would prefer these, I chose not to rob a bank and, we went to Walmart and  purchased the Disney brand/Disney character underwearThey are packaged and priced and amazingly sized exactly the same as Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.  We opened up the packages and compared.  Notice the waist band and length and these are both 2-3T.   They are TOTALLY different sizes, Disney was cut much smaller!  Sesame Steet underwear was the same much smaller cut too.  After doing a little investigation, they are manufactured by Handcraft, so I'd bet dollars to donuts that the Handcraft brand Walmart also carried would also be the smaller cut.  Others said they are also available at other big box stores, Kmart, Target, etc.  Needless to say, we came home with 2 packages and saved Papa from taking out a second mortgage.  Still a bit baggie, and I'm hoping that they will still shrink a bit in the wash.  And truth be told, all this commercialism and characters makes me wince, but who cares.  Jude likes them, and they fit.  Thanks all for the wonderful suggestions!
    • This is what happens when you have both teenagers and toddlers under the same roof.  Yes, that's Tess's lower back.  Yes, that's a tattoo.  Yes, I know it's wrong.  I still makes me giggle.  
    • I can't stand Walmart.   Do ya think Ace Hardware would start carrying tiny-hiney underwear if I asked? 
    • Y'all know I'm knee deep into my sewing projects.  I was pressing a seam open, one of the rare times I have the iron out, and Boo wandered in.  
    Boo, pointing to the iron-"Mom, What's that?"  
    Crazy Mama-"That's an iron.  It presses fabric flat, and it's really hot, so don't touch."
    Boo, who now looks confused-"But Mama, you don't iron."
    Crazy Mama- "Oh yes, I do."  I say a bit indignantly, knowing he's right.  "What do you think I'm doing right now?  I'm ironing right now, aren't I?"
    Boo- "I mean this decade."
    Yep, that's how often I iron.
    • Potty Talk {Day-I have no idea.  This seems to be lasting an eternity}  Going well I think.  We're in a rhythm.  He pees on the floor a couple times a day, and I clean it up.  He has successes the remainder of the time followed by the celebratory Hi-Five, Knuckles with exploding fireworks, and Biiiiiiiiiig Hug in that order.  #2 seems to be down pat.  (I can't believe I just wrote #2 on my blog!)  


    1. Thanks for consolidating all of the little undie advice you recieved! I'll have to give the Disneys a try =).

    2. GREAT to know since it is the Disney and Sesame Street ones that Jacob would want, as well. How about the thicker training pants? Any smaller ones anywhere?

    3. Dawn-As reported by other mamas, the thicker training pants, (not underwear) down to size 18 mo. are easier to find. Try a big box store or Amazon. Gerber is the brand mentioned most.
      Hope this helps!

    4. That tattoo is HYSTERICAL and wrong.

      Love the pics in the above post of paradise. I'd like to be there with ya and all the crazy 8s.

    5. I don't even think I unpacked my iron when we moved into this house a year ago.

    6. If I recall correctly, when I lived up there (before Walmart invaded), Ace Hardware had the only wedding registry on the mountain. Reason number 486 why as a teenager I couldn't wait to leave. :)


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