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Monday, June 28, 2010

My kiddo's favorite recipes

So far this Crazy 8 blog has only Vietmamese recipes on it, in the section called If Martha Made Vietnamese.  And that's good because a full 1/4 of us are full-blooded, cute-as-the-dickens Vietnamese.  And the other 3/4 of us are pasty Caucasians who just LOVE Vietnamese food.

But I've decided to use blog2print again (like we did last time for our blog turned family album) and turn all the recipes listed here into a recipe book with lots of photos, one for each kiddo, and save it for when their grown.  I know it'll take several years to document all the recipes they want included in the book.  But someday... when I'm probably in the home and have that rogue chin hair nobody will tell me about, how awesome will it be when Sunny moves into her first home, and I have the perfect house warming gift!  Or maybe a bridal shower gift for Tess?  Or a wedding gift for Boo's wife?  Complete with pictures of them making their favorite foods when they were young?

I am SO tickled with this idea!  I would just love to have pictures of my mom and me making my favorite recipes compiled into a cookbook.  I mean how many times have you said, Oh I remember when my mom/grandma made the BEST apple crumble pie.  I wonder what the recipe was?  Well someday they'll be able to turn to their very own cookbook and find out and see pics of themselves too!   So in the future you will see our favorite recipes on this blog.  They will all be the kiddo's favorites.   Papa comes from a long line of Swedes (thus the 4 pasty-skinned Caucasians we made) and makes Swedish pancakes almost every weekend, so this recipe will be coming.   And I come from a long line of crazy people, so my great grandmother's corn bread recipe will be coming too.  I've accumulated a LARGE repertoire of throw-it-all-in-the-crock-pot-and-ignore-it-till-dinner-time recipes.  And of course there's desert!  All the recipes will be my family's favorites.  And the kiddos are tickled that they get to contribute which recipes to include in their own cookbook!

Not sure what clever name I'll be calling this section of the blog/recipe book.  Suggestions????

If I can get my bum off this couch and get some work done, I'm gonna post the first recipe tomorrow.  Which is a barbecue bruschetta that Sunny concocted a couple years back and was an instant hit.  It's now a summer favorite, and she made it for Papa on Father's Day.

See you tomorrow {optimistically} for Sunny's Prosciutto Barbecue Bruschetta!

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