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Monday, June 7, 2010

A must read for adoptive parents

Almost 2 years since T&J came into our arms, and I find we're still on our learning curve.  Learning what scares them, how they react, how to soothe their souls and reassure them that we're not going anywhere.  Maybe this is the same for bio and adoptive kiddos.  After all, we're still on our learning curve with our teenage girls, learning how to set boundaries while contrastingly encouraging independence.  It is just MORE with our adoptive kiddos. More parenting.  More reinforcement.  More education.  Longer learning curves.  More patience and tears and sorrow and joy and relief.
I had a meeting with our adoption case worker a couple months ago.  She recommended a book to read.  I have read many books on adoption and raising children in general.  I shrugged her suggestion and relegated it to the corner of my brain for things that I'll get to when I have time.  (Rather than things I will make time for.)
But something persisted.  Perhaps it was the weight of May.  May was a tough month with little relief.  I saw it coming in April, and it proved to be just a stressful and busy as I had imagined.  Only the promise of June kept me sane... most of the time.
So I ordered the suggested book, in hope thats 1. I'd make it till June and find time to read it.  and 2. it would provide all the answers to raising children.   Well at least one of those 2 things happened.
What I did discovered on the cool porch of my cabin, was a wonderful book about raising internationally adopted children.  This is a book grounded in research and full of practical suggestions not just for when you come home, but for 2 years later, and 10 years later, and clear through the teen years.  Like I've said, I've read MANY books on parenting internationally adopted kiddos, and this is one I am so lovin'!  I read it with a pencil in my hand to take notes in the margin.  Maybe that's not your thing, and that's ok.  But I have a short term memory and need memory aids just like I need Spanx.  It is what it is.
About $9 used from Amazon
Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child

Pow Wow pics tomorrow.  I'm just finishing up the editing.


  1. I have that book - havent started it yet though.

  2. Kim- I hope you have a chance to read it. It's really so good, and without being scary like some IA books can be. When is your little one coming home?


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