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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Lord in His infinite wisdom...

Summer allows time for extravagant pleasures... and vanity.  I've had a bee in my bonnet to start sewing again.  After my knot dress attempt, I was feeling pretty good about myself!  And really, how fun is sewing ruffles and bows for my sweet baby girl!

So I sewed this dress and these pants and again was feeling pretty savvy!
I went to take some pics of my Tess sporting her newest custom creation...

but this happened....
and this...
and even this!
I mean how are y'all gonna compliment me on my vast sewing skills, boosting my fragile self-esteem, with all these distractions!
Cuteness prevails over vanity every time!

These two, that usually are running is opposite directions, insisted on holding hands for nearly 20 minutes.  Sometimes Tess pulling Jujube along and others Jujube pulling Tess along.
 They took breaks to splash in puddles and almost pulled each other over a couple times, but insisting the whole time on holding one another's hands, fingers, wrist...
Born 28 days apart, our two sweeties are not twins.  But we've strongly felt since the beginning, that God placed them together for a reason.  They were born in the same hospital and transferred to the same orphanage together on the same day.  Then they were crib mates on many occasions.  Their needs are different, almost exactly the opposite.  But, {and this is the amazing part} through their journey, they have helped each other along, each pulling and helping the other along the path, literally and figuratively, to compensate for the other's needs.  Tess tries to copy Jude's words despite her speech delays.  She watches him smile and copies the way he interacts.  Jude has to hustle and push himself physically to keep up with Tess, who is naturally so nimble and strong.  Isn't that amazing?  Simply amazing how that works out?
God is so very great in his ability to provide for His children.  We couldn't have planned this even if we tried.  
PS-Sunny's prosciutto bruchetta is coming soon... really.


  1. Oh my.... how SWEET! If I could sew that beautifully, I'd never get anything else done :)
    We too have 'twins' (5 months apart) that are so good for each other. Had we knows of Isabelle's delays we'd have never gone ahead with another adoption, but God knew! Sophie is the PERFECT 'teacher' for Isabelle. And they're the best of friends :)
    God rocks!!

  2. Oh my word...too much cuteness in one post! They are just so precious. And did an awesome sewing job, Mama :) I'll admit with those two distractions, it was hard to focus on, lol.

  3. God does rock. How fun watching them play and share. Cute and dress. Sometimes all we need to do is get out of Gods way and watch Him work.

  4. starfishflinger, I told you, it's coming! I've been a bit busy here tending the flock. probably Wed or Thurs. really. probably.

  5. How adorable is that dress? But you know it is Tess who makes that dress - it doesn't wear her, she wears it. :) Such sweet photos.

  6. What? You sewed something? Oh my, those precious little hands! Awesome outfit as usual. ; )

  7. Love these photos and the post! Gorgeous sewing too, Cathy

  8. Love the outfit....ready to buy. Just kidding, great pics with an even greater story. Thanks for sharing. Get sewing for the rest of us!!


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