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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hon-Dah Pow Wow

I'm so lucky!  In the summer, we live on an international border!  Right there, across the street in the back yard, in a whole 'nother country!  Well kinda.  The Apache Indian reservation is literally a stone's throw away.  And with it come's a whole 'nother part of Arizona to explore.  Papa grew up here.  It's gorgeous land.  And with the Indian reservation so close, there is much to explore, including an annual pow wow held each summer.
I've gone to this pow wow for many years now.  I think the rest of the family goes for the snow cones and Indian fry bread.  But I'm perfectly content sitting in the stands and feeling it.  (OK, yes.  I also partake of snow cones and fry bread!)  But feeling the bang of the drums rattle my soul!  Hearing no less than 10,000 jingle bells shake on hundreds of costumes.  Seeing the colors and twirling.
Have you ever been to a pow wow?  If you can... go!  I hope that you would come away feeling a little different about our country and the Native American culture.
This pow wow was started with presentation of the flags, (USA, Arizona, Apache, and P.O.W flags) a call for a veterans to come forward and receive a handshake and a small token or appreciation, and an honoring dance for both current and veterans that have passes and current soldiers serving our country.  It brought tears to my eyes... as it should.  In my experiences, I've never met another culture that is as patriotic and devoted to our country as the Native American culture.
There is no way that I can explain the feeling of the drums, and the way they resonate in your soul.  The sounds, and the bright colors swirling all around, with babes who had just learned to walk to those who needed canes or someone's shoulder to dance.  The children and families and generations together, celebrating the past and the future.  It is a feast for the senses.
If you've never been to a pow wow, I hope these pics can share at least a part of the experience.

PS- it was so hard for my to select which pics to put on the blog.  I love so many of them like that one just above with the two boys.  The look like typical 11 year olds.  Or the little girl picking her nose.  Kiddos the same the world around.  The rest are here.


  1. Thank you Mom of the Crazy 8 tribe for taking me this year. I see why you love it so. Linda

  2. wow. what a feast for the senses and the ol' Canon. I am jealous. Thanks for sharing.


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