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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

 I thought I would take a moment to express to the world my appreciation for the woman that God put in my life as a wife.  The readers of this blog know her as a devoted mother, cook, addicted photographer and writer, she is all of those things and so much more.  We started dating in 1984 and we have been together ever since that time and I must say we are on one hell of a great ride. God made this beautiful women for me and he knew we would be together from the foundation of time.  She keeps me humble and is my perfect complement.  If you are reading this I assume you have read other parts of the blog and it does not take much reading to understand our lives over the past couple years have been full of trials, change, conflict and immense blessing.  You will also notice that the kiddos are full of smiles. Happy birthday my love and thank you for all of the smiles.


  1. I know several June 9 babies, and they are all dear, dear people. Now I can include one more to that list. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Wow! Thank you, Papa! What a sweet surprise. What a wonderful man you are! Twinkle.


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