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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remember, Live, Dream....Livy

My baby girl graduates from the 8th grade today.  Ok, she's 13 and not really a baby any more.

Next year, Liv will enter high school with Sunny.  Go get'em baby girl!
Remember yesterday.  Live today.  Dream tomorrow.


  1. I find it inconsolable that she is this unawkward and gorgeous so young. Isn't 13 supposed to be all buck teeth and gangly and pre-teen pimply?

    What kind of artificial hormones do you inject in your chicken? She is elegant and lovely. At least in pics. She knows what do with her hair for heaven's sake. No 13 year old is supposed to have a grasp on how their own hair looks good.

  2. Staci-
    I can't tell you how much these words have impacted this house. Livy has read them and re-read them. I can tell her so many times, but from an outside source, in print to top it all off, means so much. As for the curls, Sunny, the fashion and hair guidance counselor for us all, has been encouraging them. I always wanted a big sister. Thx!

  3. staci-
    to hear that from an outside source realy does have a big impact. thank you so much, and i dont have a grasp on my hair my older sister does that for me. thx

  4. Olivia, the bonus of being a stranger is that I get to speak the truth without any kind of bias! You really are lovely. I have a funny picture of when I was in 8th grade on my blog in a post called "Flashbacks: the middle." You will laugh your head off. Whenever you need a self-esteem boost, just go visit that post. :) I had an older sister, but we were only a year apart so we suffered with awkward hair together.

    Enjoy your summer and preparing for high school!

  5. Staci-
    You SWEET thing! Thank you
    Now get back to packing!

  6. Yeah, ummmm.... I looked at the picture and then re-read the post...and then looked at the picture again and thought WHAT?!? Is this what the girls in Gene's class are going to transform into over the summer?! Impossible! One can only dream that they look that beautiful going into high school.


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