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Monday, May 3, 2010

Just like Zooey... kinda

(PS-This take a HUGE act of courage on my part to put my own picture on here!  This is one of the main reasons I started to take photographs after all, to avoid being in front of the lens!)
Every 8 weeks this happens...

The tubes of color, the scissors, the wax.  My sweet angel comes to our home to cut all of our hair and most importantly restore my youth, or at least cover the 1+ inch of grey and let me continue to live in denial.

Oh yea... not to mention the wine because she's been coming for 8 years and 3 kiddos ago, and I am SO not above bribery to keep her coming!

Admittingly, I'm not a girly girl.  Manicures are a waste of time and money.  And high heels plain and simple hurt!  I really don't care much about my hair.  And thusly I make poor choices, like dye it magenta, or shave it all off.  (I actually did one of those two things!  You'll leave you to guess which.)

So the angel was working on my color, (a huge undertaking in itself!)  and Sunny bounced in the room and declared I needed bangs.  She was serious!  She and the angel discussed it at length.  How long?  How thick?  Honestly I could've cared less.  That's the kinda of girl I'm not.

Then Sunny mumbled something about Zooey Deschanel.  (Think 500 Days of Summer)  Sold!

Tah dah!

I wonder what Sunny will think of next!


  1. You look fab! The bangs really bring out your beautiful eyes.

  2. Wow, you look GREAT! I didn't know who Zooey Deschanel was until I "googled" her, but now I see the inspiration. It also reminds me of the post you wrote about a fabulous movie you saw months ago with the Audrey Hepburn lookalike....didn't she have bangs too!

  3. Oh my gosh, you look fabulous!!!

    And BTW, I got the ingredients for that coconut sorbet to make this week. I am very excited. :)

    Also BTW, no updates on Jesse, no new pics, no doctor report. Am I going nuts? Yes.

  4. Love the picture of you...did Liv take it? Plus think you look lovely with bangs. You really are a lovely women you just don't have time to look.

  5. Granna- Yes, Livy took the pics of me. She seems to have a natural eye and loves to practice. She also did the black-n-white one below of me holding Jujube. I think she's quite good already!

  6. Love the color and the bangs - you look fantastic! I am so like you -not into all the primping that most gals do - only had my nails done once and that was for my wedding. :) My hair has always been my nemesis. lol

  7. The bangs are nice, but wow, look at your pretty eyes!!!!


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