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Friday, May 21, 2010

Introducing Oakrunning Bear

Meet the most obstinate subject that I've ever been had the pleasure of photographing!
Meet Oakrunning Bear!
ORB- I didn't include all those pics of you making funny faces.  And still, through it all, still pretty handsome, hu?  Maybe not what you were going for, but just maybe what somebody else was going for.
Congratulations on your graduation!  You're a genuine, real, and fabulous young man!  I'm lovin' getting to know you better.
Wait a minute!  Was that my daughter's LEG in that above picture?
Hang on a minute while I go create some distance there!


  1. I was really hoping some of the "more creative" pictures would get up here, but these came out well. thanks for putting up wi8th me.

    and if i remember correctly, i do believe you told your daughter to move CLOSER, so i take no responsibility for needing distance.

  2. Aunt Sherri especialy loves the pink glasses, real "men" wear pink!


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