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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Any takers???

I am so excited when somebody takes me seriously.  I say, "Come on over, we'll cook Vietnamese food, and you can take it home for dinner!"  You mean, adult conversation?  Sign me up!

So this is the second time Auntie S has come over for a "cooking date."
She picks something she'd like to make her family for dinner.  Today it was grilled beef with lemon grass over noodles.  Then we meet just after we send the bigger kiddos off to school.
We juggle around the car seats, load the three littler kiddos in the car, T&J and baby PC, and head for the Asian market.
Auntie S and I both strapped on our Ergos and shopped for all the ingredients.
Then back to the house for some competitive tag team baby/toddler supervision while preparing dinner for both families.
You gotta love a mama who doesn't let a baby without a nap slow her down.
'Cause somewhere between mixing the marinade and julienning the cucumbers, this happens.

And because you just know that mamas appreciate a good PB&J, that's what we had for lunch while all 3 babes took a nap.

PC needed a little lunch before heading off to pick up his brothers and sister from school.

7 month old babies with carrots all over their face?  Oh help me, please!
In the end, Sherri put the marinading beef in a Zip-lock to be grilled at home and bagged up all the veggies that were already cleaned, chopped, and jilienned.
And I had dinner for my family ready to go too!  The recipe is here.

Any more takers?  Really?


  1. aw man. wish i could come over and cook with you! stupid 2000 miles or so...

  2. Kids weren't incredibly excited about the new flavors(I will try it again though, because we all know it takes many times for them to aquire that new taste), but hubby LOVED it(me too), that made me super happy. Wouldn't have mattered if no one liked it because it was really about the fun of cooking and family and trying somethig new! Can't wait for next time.

  3. P.S. I don't like those pictures of me one bit. I am going to dress up one day and do my hair so you can put up a better picture up of me, ughhh. Maybe I'll lose 10 pounds before that too, put on makeup and get a shower-Ha!

  4. S-You get to shower????????? Oh I'm jealous!

  5. Fantastic idea. And Sherri, I don't know you, but I think you look lovely and happy. Your baby is darling too!



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