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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi Papa! Missing you!

Papa is out of town on business.  He's in Kansas City, Missouri, which really confuses me 'cause I'm pretty sure all Kansas Cities should be in Kansas.  (Anyone reading out there from Kansas City, MO, that can recommend a good little hole in the wall for him to get lunch or dinner?)  He doesn't leave town often lest the cogs of Crazy 8 Cyber-Reality come to a screech halt.  But as much as we tried to keep it a secret, somehow the universe found out that I'm on my own for a few days.  Now the universe is out to get me.

We were off to a bad start from the get go.  The 20 minute ride to the airport to drop Papa off, turned into and hour and a half due to construction.  Did I mention it was 3:30am?

Then Sunny promptly started vomiting.  Thank golly big girls know that hitting the toilet is more important then who we elect president.  Really it is!  And the only time I did have to clean vomit off the floor, I'll have you know there was a REALLY good reason why.  We'll just leave it at that.  Sunny is trying to pass through her 16th year with some dignity in tact.  And... by the way... when your 16-year-old, bra wearing, cute-man dating, driver's license possessing, near woman daughter, hollers loudly, "MOMMY" in that urgent I'm-gonna-hurl-now voice, and then thanks you for holding back her hair, it makes a mama want to cry.  Or maybe it was just the smell of fresh vomit.  But maybe not.

Later that morn, Patch asked me those words you never want to hear, words that can drop a single mama to her knees...
"Mama, what's wrong with the microwave?"
Examination revealed an explosive nuclear fission type reaction that was close to melt down.  Either that or some small animal was stuck in there.  Either way, now we're microwave-less.

Somehow with all the commotion and lack of back-up, when Papa is away, I always feel a bit empowered.  Like I can run the house on my schedule with little concern for another adult's priorities.  Gone is any thought of mucking out the garage or brushing down the pool, and cleaning out the babe's closet goes to the top of my to-do list.  My jammies are on before dusk, and you'd better believe it'll be those ugly-comfy jammies designed to impress no one!  Thankfully, Papa comes back into town tomorrow night, just in time for Patch's little-league baseball playoffs.    Ooooooo, did someone say date night! Papa+Mama+evening=a date!  I'm gonna break out my lip gloss!

Hope you're reading this one, Papa.  With the kiddo's help, we did get the babe's closet and toys all organized and got rid of LOTS of stuff.  We miss you, and even in the presence of vomit and minus one kitchen appliance, we're doing great.  Do what you gotta do, and tell Michael hi for me.  We love you.
PS-It took us a while to get out of bed this morning!  Again, most of the kiddos ended up in our bed.


  1. This post was pretty popular in studyhall this morning. As i was laughing, hannah was going crazy that you would dare post her saturday story. Loved the whole thing.

  2. Welcome to my world. We don't own a microwave. By choice. Let's hope you don't catch the vomit bug for date night! Oh yeah, come by my blog again and meet M. LOL


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