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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi again Papa,

Papa, just to get you up to speed since you've been gone-
  • The exterior door handle in our bedroom is missing.  I have no idea why or how.  I went to open the door and poof it was gone!  I don't even know how to remove a door handle.  
  • Sunny drove to school.  She used your car.  I wanted to make her wear a helmet.  Really I did.  I wanted to vomit as she drove away.  Instead I tried to smile and wave and hollered, "Make wise choices!" as she drove off.  I'm not cool anymore. 
  • Patch's science fair project is sitting here waiting for your assistance.  I've begged Patch to please let me help him get it finished, but he has insisted that you are the only man for the job.  
  • Jujube woke up yesterday, and it looks like some small insect tried to eat his face off.  He must be very sweet, but we already knew that.  12 bug bites all on his face.  He keeps scratching, and now they're little scabs.  Poor baby.  
  • Sunny stopped getting sick just as fast as she started.  It was about 6 hours of fun fun fun.  No one else has gotten sick... yet.
  • Patch slept with me last night on your side of the bed.  He's a kicker and a blanket hog.  He doesn't purr like you do either, and somehow the lack of noise kept me awake.   As expected, I'm not sleeping well when you're not here.  Or maybe I'm sleeping just fine and am dreaming I'm awake like you say I usually do.   
  • I think the bumper to my car is finally falling off.  I just kinda pushed it back on.  If it wasn't so funny, I'd be sad.  Where did you say you kept the duct tape?
  • The census guy came to the door.  He wanted to know why 2 Vietnamese children live here.  I was going to give him my usual, "Well my husband had a heck of a business trip turn crazy weekend in Thailand!" story.  But he didn't look like the kind of guy that would be amused by such antics.  
  • Patch fell in a cactus walking home from school.  He limped home.  I looked and couldn't find any stickers.  I think he may have just been mad at me because he had to walk home today.
  • As if mysterious piles of sand weren't enough, Tess got into the laundry detergent again, trailing it down the hall and into her room.  Not sure what her fascination with laundry detergent is.  
Have a safe flight home.
Luv, me   
Jujube gets the mail.  
Winter grass dying and summer grass not in yet.

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