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Saturday, May 29, 2010

does anyone really need tube tops?

this morning while doing a pile of laundry the size of mnt. vesuvious, i discovered that some of my older sweet things have been cutting the bottoms off of all the tights and leggings in the house and making tube tops.  really... tube tops?  do people still wear tube tops?  don't we need our leggings eventually when it's not 100 degrees anymore?

now that school is out-
objective #1 is to clean out and organize all the kiddo's closets.  this project takes days and explains the enormous pile of laundry. 
objective #2 is to load the SUV to the brim and make our way up the mountain to the cabin for the whole summer (coincidentally where the brisk weather might actually call for tights, which we will have NONE of, but strangely we will have a large supply of tube tops)

so the blog may take a break for a week.  i'll be back soon

too exasperated to use many capital letters

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