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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ta Da! In green, orange and red.


(used as a jovial interjection in making an announcement, taking a box, etc.).
Also, ta-dah.

My new 85mm!
In green.

Creamy skin tones!
Crisp focus!
And most importantly for you photo buffs, lots of delicious soft bokeh!
Sorry if I lost some of you there.  Just keep looking at the yummy baby above, PC.  Ignore the man behind the camera who is using absurd food descriptions to describe a photographs.  

Here's what this lens does best-
With a large aperture, those are the small numbers, here it is at 1.8, it puts something in crystal clear focus and blurs out the rest.  The farther you are away from the focal point, either closer to the lens or farther away from it, the blurrier it gets.   

You with me, Hani?  
Have you been practicing Hani?  
I wanna see pics, Hani!
Isn't he just delicious!  Even when he's so done getting his picture taken, he's cute!

Next victim model.  PD in orange.
Here's where you have to be really careful with the 85mm.  See how only one of PD's eyes above is in clear focus?   His left eye is perfectly focused, but his right eye is starting to get kinda blurry.  If my subject isn't perfectly facing forward, then one eye will be farther away and blurry.  I need to stand back a bit.  This is too close if you're the kind of gal that like both eyes to be crystal clear.  All PD's scrumptious freckles kinda distracts me from that though! (Sharon-for this reason, I chose the 1.8 over the 1.2.  I tend to think in absolutes and extremes and leave my lens ALL the way OPEN at ALL times.  The 1.2 would be a problem for me.  And even though I would love that red ring to validate my worth, I just can't justify the extra $1,800.)

Black & White?  Still pretty handsome!

So here's an example of typical PD.  
I've taken lots of photos of PD over time cause those freckles coupled with that red hair is just irresistible!  He's "resistant" to having his photograph taken put it mildly.  Usually it involves lots of running.  But his mama really wanted some pics to celebrate his 7th birthday and had a talk with him.  I'm pretty sure bribery was involved cause after 3 kiddos, mamas learn bribery isn't really a bad thing and use it to their advantage.  So he was not only agreeable this time but a wonderful little model.  We talked about football, and babies, and boogers.  
And when it was finally all over (10 minutes later) he looked at me and asked, "Are we all done yet?"  
"Yes, PD, we're all done."
"Good, 'cause my face hurts from all that smiling!"
Good golly!  Isn't that just the funniest thing to say!  He's full of "PD-isms."

One more, in red this time. 
See the nice blurry backgrounds and how they draw your attention to my devastatingly handsome, yet oh-so-pale boy?

Ta-Da  85mm!  A great portrait lens!


  1. I knew it, I just knew you got the 85mm. Isn't it sick I could tell just by looking at your pictures?

    Oh my hannah. I am salivating over those shots and your new toy. That PD is yummy. They all are.

    What with the adoption this summer and be NOT making any money doing photo shoots the saving for it is not going well.

    Maybe a very expensive Birthday/Anniversary/Mothers Day/Christmas Present? :)

  2. are challenging me to be more creative in my photo taking...thank you for that! Which 85mm lens did you get...I saw 1.8...I am thinking that would be a great mother's day gift! I have the Canon EOS you used in Pheonix.

  3. Kim-with the 85mm you have two choices. The 1.2 and the 1.8 The cost difference between the two is great! Make sure your focusing skills are tack on because the shallow DOP, (depth of field)of the 85mm will put a spotlight on any focusing flaws.
    Go for it! Then show me! It would be a fabulous gift for a fabulous mama!

  4. Thanks for the refresh lesson, Trish! I haven't taken any pics, but this is encouraging me to do so. If any turn out I'll send them to you. =)

  5. Me likey, me likey : ) Love the eyes! It's a wide angle lens that calls my name now....sigh... One day.
    Your photos are gorgeous!


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