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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunny on Prom

Prom was different than I expected, 'cause it kinda turned out to be hot and sweaty.  But getting ready was the best part.  Getting your hair done and getting your nails done and hangin' with your girlfriends!  I thought my dress was the bomb.  I got down.  Get down get down.  You feelin' me?  My ring was poppin'!  It really showed off my flavor.    My advice for my sister when she goes to prom, go with a guy friend (rather than a boyfriend) or even go with a group so you can dance with everybody.  You don't have to go with someone who's cool  You'll have fun that way.  

I agree... I think... her ring was "poppin'."  I'm not sure what that actually means, but I think it's good.


  1. Oh, she looks beautiful! Post more pictures, I know you have 'em!

  2. Beautiful pictures Nancy. I've been meaning to ask you, how do you get your photos to the large size on blogspot? I always choose "large" but they don't come out as big as yours???

  3. Pretty young people all around - your daughter is so beautiful. Ahhh youth!


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