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Friday, April 9, 2010

Rock Rolling Celebration-Part Deux

First my disclaimer... these pics were in full overhead sunlight!  About 1pm.  The WORST time of day to take pictures. Still I think they turned out ok.

After church, we went to Granna and Grandpa's house, about 10 minutes up the road, to meet with all the Aunties and Uncles and cousins and fill ourselves to capacity and beyond with ham and potatoes and fresh rolls and... Granna always has the best spread of food ever!

This is all before "IT" happened.
Of course the rabbit found Granna's house too and the egg hunt was on.
Here're a few of the cutest cousins ever!  First there is K.  She's the same age as Patch and is an eternal care-giver like Livy.  Then here is my nephew F.  He's just a tick younger than T&J and obviously love looking through his basket too.  He is so sweet and a gorgeous boy!
And at this point we were all still unaware that "IT" was coming.
This is PT.  I LOVE this kiddo.  He is so mild mannered and good natured.  He always seems to be happy.  But maybe I'm wrong Auntie Sherri?
There's something about that last picture of PT that I just love and can't put my finger on.  Maybe it's a boy meandering in a field of flowers?  Maybe the big saguaro in the background?  Maybe it's just the thought of the Peeps I'm gonna try to sneak out of his basket then hide away and eat them when no one is looking?  But I do love this picture!
And lastly there here is PC.  There will be more pics of him and his brother coming when I debut the pics with my new lens (not these pics)  Couldn't you just eat him up?
Then just before "IT" happened, this happened.  Jujube innocently playing with the water near the pool.  
See how cute he is?  
See how I'm just across the pool from him?  
See how buoyant he doesn't look?
Then "IT" happened!  The near drowning.  By near, I mean full submersion but only for second or two.  And because I was across the pool from him, one of my Mother-in-Law's guests jumped in after him.   I hope her silk suit recovered.  After wrapping him up in a towel, he just pointed to the pool and quietly said, "uh oh."  "IT" was followed by a temper tantrum from me, in which I snapped at Papa.  Are there moments in time that you just wish you could do all over again?  Erase. erase, erase.  I'm trying not to dwell on "IT."  But here it is Friday, and I still can't get "IT" out of my mind.   Darn "IT!"  Yuck.  Learn.  Move on.

The bigger kiddos took this as in invitation to use the pool intentionally.
So like I said yesterday, Easter was a wonderful Rock Rolling celebration, complete with humility and lessons learned.  Thank you for the lessons, God.


  1. oh my heavens. babies in the pool.

    i would have thrown a hissy fit myself. isn't it lovely that Jujube could just call it what it was: "uh oh?"

    glad everyone is ok.

    lovely pics!

  2. Oh geesh... what's it with our babes and water? Mike turned his back on Linhsey Wed. at the beach and sure enough that wave came and she fell right down in it...And sure enough I had camera in hand and was not near her. And for the record, I had a slight tantrum/hissy fit/whatever you want to call it. I'm glad he's okay. Now you just have to get the vision out of your head.

  3. Trish,
    Yes, PT is ALWAYS full of joy and passion for life. Atleast that is how Tom explains it to me, at times he literally drives me bonkers with the joy that explodes in him-constant singing, dancing, noises that come from I have no clue where, the touching, poking, rubbing, jokes-but you will rarely see that joy in public(too shy!). You will see the joy that is quiet, mischievious, and about ready to burst(but it won't until he gets home) :o) I love that guy with a heart of gold, just like his daddy!

  4. Oh yes,and K... She IS ever giving, never spares anything for the the sake of her 3 bros. She wanted a sister so badly, but adores her brothers and helping take care of each of them everyday-she gives so freely without asking for return! What a precious girl. After seeing friend's sisters, she's ok without one-HA!


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