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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Polar Bears-No foolin!

It happens every year at this time.  Papa sees fit to exert his power over the progeny and coaxes them into the pool. Yes, it is in the mid 70's, but the pool is still quite chilly. Maybe high 50's.  Brrrrrrrrrr.

Yet they fall for it every single year.  Usually Patch jumps in and then Livy, my other dare devil, follows.  Then Sunny and Boo not wanting to be left out, join them.  It might have something to do with the promised trip to Dairy Queen afterwards! & nbsp;5 minutes later, it's all over and they are warming up in the shower.

Boo suffered the most and he literally had to catch his breath when he hit the water.  He was shocked!  He made his way across the pool and never got his head wet.  Patch was there to help him out and wrap his arms around his shivering body.  Maternal sigh.
Truth be told, Patch doesn't need bribery to do something crazy.
Truth be told, Livy is the smart one who actually found a wet suit.
Truth be told, the babes thought it looked like fun too... till they got in.  They shivered and insisted on staying in as long as the big kiddos were in.
Truth be told, Sunny had a ginormous boogie when she surfaced and insisted on crossing the pool a second time to get a new picture.  And yes, she had all her clothes on.


  1. I LOVE, love, LOVE, that picture of Patrick, he is such a doll!!! I love his zest for life :o)

  2. you couldn't pay me to get in that water.

    well, not less than like, $500. Since I am sure you have random $500 bills floating around to dole out to folks willing to freeze for 1 minute...

  3. Mike does the SAME thing! The pool gets opened in April and he just can't help himself. I can help myself. I have a little something. It's called common sense. Wait a minute. Maybe I don't have something. Maybe I am lacking sense of adventure?!?! Love the pictures, as always.


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