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Friday, April 23, 2010

"Mama, pleeeeease take my picture!""

I remember being 13.  I remember being awkward and unsure.  I remember feeling self conscience and sure that I didn't fit in anywhere.

Livy, now 13, seems to exude a confidence that I'm sure I didn't have at 13.  Oh, if I could bottle all that confidence up and spoon feed it to her when need be.  What a wonderful time in life with so many possibilities and the world unfolding at her fingertips.

So I accommodated her request, of course.

There is an open lot just a couple house down from our home.  Complete with a dilapidated barn reminding us that not so long ago, this land of our neighborhood was not city life as we now know it.  Couple it with sweet light at dusk and it's a place I had been wanting to take pictures.

A prop, like her baby sister always helps too.  
So sweet that Tess just leaned up against that wall just like her big sister.  It's a wonderful role model she has there.   Keep following in those footsteps, Tess!

These two chairs were have just been sitting there in this field.  Not sure why 'cause in the 11 years we have lived here, I've never even seen anyone in this open lot before.  But I LOVE the color and how they blend in so seamlessly with the grasses.
This last picture is by far my favorite of the day.  Something about the glow off the bubbles and the sweet light that hits her face.  I just want her to never grow up even one more day.
Can't always get what we want!
Another day at dusk and another ordinary miracle to cherish.


  1. Oh yeah, that last picture is so sweet. I love the innocence of it and the sweet smile on her face. Funny, I just too some of Linhsey and Gene yesterday! I'm about to post them now. He's 12 and reaching an awkward stage. I miss my little boy!


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