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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Did they roll away the rock?" Part I

That was the first thing my papa asked me when he called me Easter morn.  "Ya, they rolled in back, and He was missing!"
Amazingly, the kiddos didn't wake at the break of dawn.  Which was good, cause I happen to know that our rabbit accidentally didn't roll her tired bum out of bed to hide the eggs till 6:13am.  Papa rabbit was already sipping his coffee, ignoring mama rabbit's obvious, "Well you're already up so why didn't you hide the eggs?" expression.  After the booty was hidden (a loose term when hiding for 2 year olds) mama rabbit crawled back in bed and got 30 more minutes of bliss.

In our home the hunt takes place in the back yard mostly in jammies.  The plastic eggs are filled with some sugar-laden, crapolla, cereal that I would NEVER buy!  Papa rabbit requested Sugar Corn Pops.  After the grand hunt is over, the cereal is a quick breakfast before trying to rush out the door for the early church service.  A grand Easter brunch follows at Granna's house, and the kiddos are usually pretty hungry by then.
Last year, T&J were just too little to "get" the whole rabbit thing.  So this was really their first year to go on the hunt.  Jujube was so cute, finding one egg at a time, then leisurely sitting down to discover what was inside.  Only afterwards did he move on to finding the next egg.
Tess on the other hand, after a short learning curve of only 2 eggs, was running from egg to egg till her basket was overloaded.

When it was all over, they both plopped down in the grass, still in their jammies, and rummaged through their booty.  Oh my!  Breakfast!
It was hard getting pics of the big kiddos.  They're just too fast.  More like I'm just too slow.
Here, Patch is peering into the bougainvillea.  In the very foreground there is an egg just the same color.  I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking in my boy's eyes.  They are his Papa's eyes.

To be continued at Granna and Storm's house and a mess of cousins too...
Or is it a heard of cousins?
A bevy of cousins?
A pride of cousins?
A murder of cousins?
A whole bunch of the cutest cousins you've ever seen!


  1. how about a pack of cousins.

    Those jammies on the babies are gorgeous!

    Forget Christmas jammie traditions, I want Easter jammies. I like bright colors better than red and green anyway.

    Fun pics!

  2. Staci-
    That's funny that you say that re the jammies, cause if you look back, you'll see that they ARE xmas jammies too! They are my favorite jammies for the babes.


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