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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Arrow of Light goes dark

Our man cub has crossed over the bridge and received the arrow of light!

If you are the proud parent of a boy scout, then you know this is boy scout code, {my boy is no longer a cub scout, but officially a boy scout now} and he can officially presume the responsibility of helping old ladies cross the street.  The Arrow of Light is the highest honor awarded in cub scouts and the only recognition cub scout award that a boy scout can wear on his uniform!  5 years in the making!

And yet this man cub of ours is really just a boy who still does lots of boy things... like make a crazy faces.

In the course of events, the boys have to stand for a long period of time... about 30 minutes.  There is smoke, and there is fire.  The sun sets and light turns to dusk turns to evening.  The Indians pass on their wisdom.  It's all quite profound.  And it's gonna get even more profound in a minute...

Look carefully at that picture above.  That's Patch with the navy blue pants and the incredibly cute round bum!  (sorry, I couldn't resist!)  Do his knees look locked to you?  They didn't to me, or I would have told him to bend them a bit.  Really, I would have!

He's still standing below.

So it gets darker.  The boys are still standing there soaking in all the wisdom.
What I didn't know is Patch's ears started to ring, and it wasn't from all that wisdom he was listening too.
Then sweating profusely, and eventually his vision went grey... then to black.
It happened.
Why does it always come when you're not expecting it?
What you don't see it Patch dropping to the ground.  Amazingly he missed the fire.  The whole profound ceremony came to a screeching halt.  Thankfully, Patch's scout leader is an ER nurse.

After 20 minutes that Patch has no memory of, he did the rest of the ceremony sitting in a chair.  Here, Papa is helping Patch stand to shake the Chief's hand while his leader/nurse is kneeling next to his chair.

And notice how close Patch's Den Leader is standing to him, water at the ready... just in case.

All's well in the end.  Now all cub scouts that are almost boy scouts know to bend their knees a bit when standing for long periods of time.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Poor guy! Those scouts ceremonies kill me. (I went to 9 billion growing up, my parents were both into it and I had three brothers. I even went to scout camp a few times to help out.)

    Taking pics with firelight. Mmmm. Yum.


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