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Friday, March 5, 2010

Introducing J and bunny trails

So I had this post all written about the best movie since Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, (Hepburn and Tracy still move me to tears every time I see it!) and I was gonna tell you why An Education was so divine and try to convince someone to go see it just so I could talk about it and gush about the smoky nightclub scene, and clothes that were to DIE for, and the setting, and the music all over it again.

But then we drained our pool and this happened...
Meet J.

Sunny's J.

An Education is about a teenage girl and romance.  The above pics are about my teenage girl and romance.   Believe it or not, these pictures were taken in our pool.   There they were just sitting there, and I noticed the sparkly indirect light bouncing all around.  And it was gooooood light!  You photo geeks know what I'm talkin' 'bout?

These pics were completely unstaged.   And J is a real sweetie by the way!  But don't tell him that cause we're trying to keep him a little on edge like all teenage boys should be when they walk across our threshold to date one of our daughters.

But because this post appears to have a theme of jumping all over the place... back to the movie.  Has anyone seen An Education?

Audry Hepburn (ish) meets Dominic Cooper (Yum!) in early 1960's UK.  Did I lose anyone there?   It was smart and unpretentious and nominated for best picture!  The main character (also nominated for best actress) made being smart cool.  It's based on an autobiographical and controversial book that came out in the late 1960's.  Remember when you were 16 and the world was at your fingertips, and you were pretty sure you could do it all? (see above pics of Sunny for a visual reference)

The music made me swoon.  I love to swoon!  Swooning is grossly underrated!

And it's funny too!  Not laugh track, fart joke funny but smart girl funny.  I took Sunny, and she really liked it too.  It's rated PG-13.

I don't want to be melodramitic, but I think it was just the best thing since frozen toaster waffels on a busy morning.

I could go on and on about this movie... but I'll leave you with this powerful, world-altering fact:  

After seeing it, I'm thinking I need to get bangs.  Short above-the-eyebrow bangs.  You may be thinking this is trival.  It's not!  It's huge!  If a film can get someone to change their hairstyle, it's powerful!

PS---Any of you still with me?  Here's their site with the trailer.

PPS---Really, if any of y'all see it, let me know what you thought of it!

PPPS---It appears that black Vans are in!  (Please forgive my continued shoe-photo obsession.)


  1. first off, I'd KILL to do a shoot in an emptied pool. All that white, reflecty light. YUM!
    What I don't understand is emptying the pool when weather will be warming up for you soon. People are suffering in Boston with cold and snow and you have a flippin pool. You are obviously ungrateful.

    Vans ARE back in. I just bought some for my 2 year old son. PSA: Did you know that if you have kids with hugely fat feet, you can't buy cheap shoes? No Target shoes. So, a good alternative to striderite are vans. they fit fat baby feet.

    I am totally lost on your "an education" movie stuff but that is because I am utterly out of touch with everything in pop culture. I see like 2 movies a year.

  2. just watched trailer. yes, you might need to get bangs. :)

  3. i saw an education a few weeks ago and i TOTALLY get what you are saying! yes, yes, yes, everything: yes. no one i know has seen it so i am happy to finally hear that you loved it too!

    pool photo lighting looks awesome! your daughter is so lucky to have those photos! (well, to have a mama who takes awesome photos, actually).

  4. Beautiful photos - young love is so wonderful. :)

  5. I'll check it out. Thanks. The photos rock. Seriously.


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